Local Flavor Goes The Distance

Social distancing, isolating, stay at home orders from our Governor – all of these things have changed our world.

Local Flavor’s Publisher, Patty Karlovitz reaches out: To our readers and our advertisers, because we are all one community.

Storytellers have always played an essential role in the life of a community, and Local Flavor is proud to be a part of that tradition. We have not missed a single issue in 25 years, and yes, we will publish our April issue. Our rich local content will be exclusively published through our powerful digital partner ISSUU, a cutting-edge multimedia company with international reach.  

The decision to step aside from the printed page for April was hard, but feels right. Because our online presence is burgeoning and ever more beautiful, we will deliver our meaningful content right to our readers’ devices—a responsible choice given today’s reality.

April is our annual Homesteading and Garden issue, and never has the content been more timely or timeless. We know these are stories our readers will share forward—stories of local people who have embraced the permaculture mandate: care of the earth, care of people, and taking only one’s fair share. We think of this issue as a guide for your inner compass.

Here’s a link to our March issue online so you can get idea of the experience:




Photo of Patty Karlovitz thanks to Local Flavor Magazine

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Posted by Lydia Martinez