Lucky Charms For St. Patrick’s Day


St. Patrick’s Day might not be a legal holiday in the U.S.

Regions all over the world participate in this cultural and religious holiday also known as the Feast of Saint Patrick. Argentina, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Russia, South Korea and other countries all observe the day in their own way. But wherever they live, many still celebrate the day with parades, lots of drinking and copious amounts of green clothing.

Saint Patrick’s Day is finally here! The theme of Saint Patrick’s Day is the color green and nothing is more green than cannabis.

Most cannabis lovers indulge in something green all year round – not just on St. Patrick’s Day. However, March is the time of year when everyone else joins in on celebrating everything green from emerald colored beverages to green decorations and accessories.

With the legalization of cannabis gaining pace in the US, people are cluing in to the fact that there is a safer alternative to alcohol when it comes to celebrating special days.

Recent research suggests, more and more people are turning to weed to enjoy their recreational piece of green luck, especially women, who are drinking less alcohol in general.

That’s not to say you must abandon the time-honored tradition of getting a bit tipsy on St. Patrick’s Day, and some say, a well-crafted beer and a matching weed strain can be a perfect example of enjoying the luck of the Irish.

Whether you choose to go all out with a full leprechaun costume and Irish accent or decide to play it low key at home, the following tips will definitely put you in the holiday spirit!

Southwest Wellness have a 50mg Lucky Charm Treat for $5. Similar to the sugary breakfast cereal it shares a name with, this hybrid strain is a good pick for reducing anxiety thanks to its calming effects. Smokers who prefer strains with a sweet taste will appreciate the berry and citrus flavors.

Perfect we think for times like this, where high anxiety levels are in effect due to the arrival in New Mexico of Coronavirus. And if you are on self imposed lock down due to health and immunity issues, your New Mexico Cannabis card is a boon right now. Head directly to the dispensary!

You might want to pick up some flower while there. Always great deals on different strains. And perhaps a blend of your own would be great for infusing some butter or coconut oil to bake or cook with?

Throw on some Celtic sounds and get ready to bake and be baked.

The Food Network has an easy recipe for chocolate, Guinness Stout cupcakes. Where the recipe calls for butter, use infused butter instead. Yum!

Here’s another recipe, for amazingly easy Irish soda bread. For a mild, but non-psychoactive nosh that will put party people in good spirits, prepare the bread with a high CBD variety, or make both.

For desert, brownies are always delish and super easy. Besides there’s nothing quite like chocolate to end a festive meal. (You could pick up a few bars at Southwest Wellness just to have on hand after the baked treats are all gone!) Use your fave mix and a shamrock shaped cookie cutter, green butter cream frosting and head to the couch for a movie marathon.

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Posted by Lydia Martinez

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