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If you read my  Apologia, you know I was recently diagnosed with a rare, low-grade lymphoma.

Cancer has become epidemic in our modern world – or perhaps we know more now than we did in the distant past, and have a name for a malady that has always been around. Nonetheless, if I had not been dealing with the big C, I probably would not have known anything about the wonderful support and services offered to Taos residents (through Holy Cross Hospital) dealing with Cancer in its various forms and manifestations.

As different as these Cancers can be, the same can be said of the myriad approaches to healing, and here in New Mexico we are blessed to have extraordinary healers of every modality; from AMA Doctors to Naturopaths and Integrative Medical Practitioners with everything else in between! We also have this great service thanks to Holy Cross Hospital and Jason Pfeiffer and Liz Fox who run the program and provide a safe space for the support group that meets on Tuesday evenings.

This month all across the country, Cancer Awareness will be in the spotlight thanks to Vice-President Joe Biden’s project, Moonshot, a national effort to end cancer as we know it – an attempt to make a decade worth of advances in five years.

On June 29th hundreds of leaders across the health, academic, private industry and philanthropic sectors will join together with patients, survivors and advocates for a National Cancer Moonshot Summit. This is the first time individuals and organizations spanning the entire cancer community and beyond will all convene under the national charge of doubling the rate of progress toward ending cancer as we know it.

Here in Taos we are already ahead of the curve and over the next couple of weeks, several events are happening locally to benefit the Holy Cross Hospital’s Cancer Support Services.

On Friday, June 3rd acclaimed local chef Erica Miller presents Mad Men Dinner and Cocktails; a pop-up event celebrating the food and drinks of the era. Erica graduated from the Culinary Institute of America, spent 17 years in NYC, honing her chops at various restaurants including her own Sesso and Kloe. She was the Food Network’s original host of Calling All Cooks.

Erica moved back to Taos (where she grew up) in 2005, and has served as executive chef at old Martina’s hall and Gutiz. This dinner promises to be a delight and the proceeds from the cocktails (mixed and served to you by Jason Pfeiffer) are being donated to HC Hospital’s Cancer Support Services.

For $75.00 per person Erica is cooking up a storm – to discover more about this event and/or to make a reservation (there are still a few spots open) Call 575 758-2841.

On June 10th there’s a Pasta Dinner at Holy Cross Hospital’s Cafeteria for $5.00 with registration and $10.00 without. Having spent a week in the Hospital as a patient recently, I can tell you with all honesty that the hospital kitchen has a serious chef and the food ain’t your regular Hospital fare. It’s fresh, beautifully prepared and presented and it is delicious!

On the 11th the 5K/10K Race, Walk and FunRun To Fight Cancer In Taos – the 6th Annual For The Health Of It event starts at the Taos Youth & Family Center at 8am.

Also on the 11th, Liz Fox will have a table at Cids Food Market. She’s hosting a bake sale during the event. Proceeds will go to the cause.

And do read the shared post (with Live Taos) listed on the front page of the blog beneath this one – an interview with Jason Pfeiffer!

It’s up to all of us to help carry this work forward so that everyone here in Taos, battling this disease in their own way, continue to have access to the valuable (free) services provided by this program. For more information about all these events and Cancer Support Services go to or call (575)751-5764

To make a reservation for the Mad Men Dinner call 575 758-2841 or email for more information.

For information on Moonshot, Vice President Joe Biden’s Project, visit


Moonshot by Derek Hart



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  1. Thanks for this post, and good luck with your struggle. I’m sure you’ll beat it quickly!

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