Autumn Elegy



Oh glorious Autumn how brief your golden beauty

A stolen moment of breathtaking wonder

A sense of timelessness in the fugue of Seasons

Lost and gone now as we descend into the darkness

Of Winter’s bitter promise


Yesterday halos crowned your trees

Liquid amber in the afternoon light

The heat of an Indian Summer caressed

Our still naked limbs and carefree spirits

As we resisted and ignored the morning frost


Today the leaves have all fallen

Blanketing the ground with bronze finality

The few remaining on the branch

Have withered and turned brown

Fires have been lit, doors are closing


Autumn Elegy by Lynne Robinson October 28th 2016

All photographs taken by Derek Hart

2 thoughts on “Autumn Elegy

  1. Beautiful! And brings me there to that place of autumn that you see and feel around you, while we here in California still linger in late summer. Ive always been a fan of your writing Lynne Robinson, great to see the muse at work in your pen and your heart again. xo

  2. What a sweet surprise to find you here Cindy Lee – that means so much coming from you, a Poet and Songwriter extraordinaire – am happy to have awoken this Autumn morning, with poesy in my heart. It’s been a long time since I wrote in verse. The mornings are frosty up here in the mountains, easy to tell Winter is just around the bend. California dreaming…

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