Winter Wonderland


We have snow!

Winter has announced its arrival with snow on the Mountain and snow in town, with more to come.

Taos Ski Valley has delayed its opening from the usual Thanksgiving weekend until December 15th, and no doubt there are a lot of happy and relieved folks up there, preparing to unveil the new and improved alpine village and much touted, Blake Hotel.


For us townies, the white stuff is a blessing as well. If it continues to come down through the winter, there’ll be water in our rivers and the acequias will flow. Here in the High Desert, lush and green as it may appear after the Spring runoff, drought is a reality.

Water (as the Native Peoples gathered at Standing Rock wisely remind us), is our most precious commodity.


Time to get out the parkas and snow boots and hike into the hills. It’s brisk and quite cold, but the vistas are crystal clear and pristine, while the mountain air is as clean as it gets.

To book your Winter holiday in Taos, whether you ski or not, check out for Trip Ideas and do visit Ski Taos for more info about the upgrades to our already fabulous Ski Resort. Both sites are linked below this post.


Photographs by Derek Hart