High Water

After the heavy Spring snows and a very white Winter, we are looking at a High Water Season here in Taos.

The runoff from the mountains, both here and in Colorado will raise up the Rio to levels we see rarely, here in the High Desert.

Already, experienced river guides are both celebrating the advent of high river levels, as well as expressing concern about taking newbie day trippers out on the river.

“Rafting is serious business,” one told me a few days ago, ” especially during a High Water Year.”

“People can get killed.” He said.

Dangerous rapids and huge boulders, combined with accelerated speed, make for an accident waiting to happen. If this is your first time going out on the Rio, do ask plenty questions, make sure you and your party are all strong swimmers and your guide has more than a few years of River Running under his or her belt.

Be safe, not sorry and enjoy the ride!

There are several Rafting companies here in Taos but Cisco Guevara’s Los Rios River Runners is a personal fave.

Cisco is a true Taos character. A legendary figure in these parts. I’ve included a link to both his personal info and Los Rios.

Cisco Guevara

Los Rios River Runners


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