Local Flavor’s September Issue

It’s Labor Day already!

And I do hope all my U.S. readers are enjoying the (official), last weekend of Summer.

Local Flavor’s new issue is out now at more than five hundred locations statewide, including Cid’s here in Taos.

Up here in Northern New Mexico, our short growing season winds down as Harvesting begins in earnest; grapes are ripe for the picking as are our famed chiles. Food and Wine Festivals are ubiquitous in these parts at this time of year, bringing the fruits of the Harvest, to our tables.

Local Flavor, who helped pioneer the Farm to Table movement in Northern New Mexico, is of course, already on it, and has rounded up the best of what’s happening in our beautiful state Capitol’s inspiring culinary scene, 

Local Flavor’s Editor, Cullen Curtiss tell’s us what’s between the pages of the September issue.

This is the year for a couple of landmark anniversaries in our Capital city—our deeply rooted-in-tradition Farmers’ Market achieves the half-century mark and we have celebrated that by sharing a retrospective through the eyes, hearts, and minds of our local chefs, who have developed deep relationships with our 150 Northern New Mexico farmers and who have come to depend on local farm freshness for the food they want to cook and serve. (https://issuu.com/localflavormag/docs/sept2018_weblinked_issue/42)

And Santa Fe’s first community-driven experiment in sustainable urban planning celebrates its first decade—to show our love for the contemporary community vibe in the Santa Fe Railyard, we offer a walking tour through a part-narrative, part-photographic essay. (https://issuu.com/localflavormag/docs/sept2018_weblinked_issue/36)

And in a city founded more than 400 years ago, how utterly perfect that the two events will be celebrated at the exact same spot—the Railyard water tower!

While we’re highlighting anniversaries, we find it more than relevant to share that it’s our 18th year photographing the dedicated people who make Santa Fe taste better every day—our Chefs. This issue stands out each September for its largely singular focus on Santa Fe and the Chefs who participate in Wine & Chile Fiesta, which celebrates its 28th year in late September with winery dinners, wine seminars, luncheons, demos, the Grand Tasting, and a bike ride.

Other stories include:

The Big Buzz

A big, juicy look back at what’s happened to the people in the local food and wine world over this last year. https://issuu.com/localflavormag/docs/sept2018_weblinked_issue/16

A Night for the Senses

Written by a wine expert, this non-exhaustive look at Santa Fe Wine & Chile’s winery dinners will give you that extra push you wanted to taste a new and exciting pairing. https://issuu.com/localflavormag/docs/sept2018_weblinked_issue/32

David Ramey 2018 Wine & Chile Honoree

Here’s a fun and informative conversation between Santa Fe Wine & Chile Executive Director Greg O’Byre and David Ramey, who, with his wife Carla, founded Ramey Wine Cellars in 1996. https://issuu.com/localflavormag/docs/sept2018_weblinked_issue/26


On the Grapevine

Which wineries are going to be in town and pouring? Build your tour of Santa Fe Wine & Chile’s offerings after reading this piece by Philip de Give, Fine Wine Specialist at Southern Glazer’s Wine And Spirits, LLC. https://issuu.com/localflavormag/docs/sept2018_weblinked_issue/48

Still Curious?

LF imagines you might want to know even more about the chefs participating in Santa Fe Wine & Chile, so we dug into our archive and collected some beautiful stories that reveal each chef’s hopes, and dreams, and vulnerabilities. https://issuu.com/localflavormag/docs/sept2018_weblinked_issue/58


And where we detoured a bit from our theme, we cover the poised and storied Los Poblanos. In an emotional and informative piece, writer Ashley M. Biggers begins, “Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm isn’t a place you just visit. It’s a place you have a relationship with.” So, if you have not begun your relationship or need to enliven it, now is a good time to read our story. https://issuu.com/localflavormag/docs/sept2018_weblinked_issue/54

Thanks Cullen, It looks like there are plenty of good reasons to visit Santa Fe in September!

For much more about Local Flavor, and to read all of their content online, please visit their fabulous site linked below this post.


Photo credits: Kitty Leaken, Melyssa Holik, Douglas Merriam and Greg Byrne