Beyond Balayage At Salon X

A new season can spark a Pavlovian response in women in regards to changing up our hair.

New cuts, yes, but mostly women start to crave color — all of the colors of the rainbow, or at the very least, embracing the spirit of the changing seasons by spicing up our strands just a little. I like lowlights at this time of year, to take my dark strands a shade deeper so the silver I do have, acts more like a highlight than a random afterthought.

Never one to rest on her laurels, Delta Cosette-Bayer is at it again, getting Salon X ready for the rush of clients (self included), wanting color as summer winds down and their sun kissed locks are beginning to look a little lacklustre.

Currently the only certified colorist in Taos (with the American Board of Certified Colorists), Delta is getting ready to do a weekend Master Colorist Course, hosted by Alfaparf/Milano,  in Albuquerque later this month.

“I’ll be going down with Tianna (Bolchunos) and Brooke (Chambers-Garver), who will both be taking this course as well.” She told me. “I don’t think you can ever learn too much about color.” She added. “Especially as new technologies are constantly spearheaded in our Industry, so there is always something new to learn.”

This Master class will address Hair Color Chemistry and in particular, serious Grey Busters!

“These techniques will enable us to make quick business of even the most resistant greys!” Delta explained.

Thanks to a recent boom in these new coloring techniques, there’s no better time than the present to try them out! Crystallizing, rooting, whispering — there are so many cool new trends to explore. Best of all, they work for all types of hair textures, colors and needs, whether you’re a rainbow-hair fan or a die-hard blonde.

For the most part, these are all variations of existing techniques that have been given clever, catchy names. There is, after all, only so much you can do with bleach. But it’s the way in which these techniques have been  modified and are applied, that makes them fresh and exciting.

“There are only so many colors,” said Delta, “but what is being done by tweaking and modernizing those techniques and colors is key.”

She notes that getting creative with existing techniques and using new terminology to describe them helps clients and colonists communicate better. “These names speak much more clearly than the standard terms — tint, single-process color.”

“If you come in and ask for babylights, we  know you don’t want a chunky highlight – If it’s got a name, we can identify it.”

For example, Balayage is a French word and technique, meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. The end result gives a sun-kissed natural-looking hair color, similar to what nature gives us as children. Delta, who trained with Jaques Dessange in Paris, is indisputably the Queen of Balayage here in Taos, but is schooled in several other techniques that are yet to go mainstream. With this Master Course, she intends to add a few more to her (and Salon X’s) arsenal.

Autumn is also the perfect time to consider a series of glycollic peels to rejuvenate your skin. The peels do make you a little sun sensitive so Tianna advises not to do them during the warmer months. Salon X offers an array of skin care options besides the peels, including Micro Needles and Oxy Facials, all using the fabulous PCA line sold in the Salon.

More Destination Weddings in Taos than ever before also means it’s doubly difficult to get into Brooke Garver’s chair. A whiz with intricate updos that brides can’t get enough of, Brooke is booked weeks in advance. She’s great with a scissors and color too, so be sure to make an appointment early on if she’s in your sights!

It goes without saying  that Delta is booked out a month in advance, if you are lucky you might be able to sneak in there due to an unforseen cancellation, by getting on her waiting list.

Tianna is busy as well, so plan about a week ahead for one of her hip haircuts.

For more on Salon X and all of their services, please visit their site linked below this post.

Salon X

Tianna, Delta and Brooke photographed  by Bill Curry at Salon X