Holiday Tasting At The Cellar

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

And every year, around this time food and beverage articles fill every bit of print media we pick up. From newspapers to magazines – the pages we turn are full of well intentioned advice about how to cook your turkey, make the perfect side dishes and wow your guests with the hippest new recipe for pumpkin (spice), pie everything! The Internet too is packed with recommendations.

And yet, it seems the question of the perfect beverages to pair with holiday food is as elusive as ever. Not everyone loves wine. Not every beer is the perfect choice to serve alongside the tang of cranberries. And even cider can be tricky when it comes to complex holiday fare.

A great food and beverage pairing creates a balance between the components of a dish and the characteristics of the drink, but that’s easier said than done, especially nowadays when the old rules about white with fish and red with meat, have been discarded and disrupted along with everything else you thought you knew!

Luckily, here in Taos, the folks at the Cellar understand your dilemma, and although they no longer host weekly tastings at the store, in order to focus on bigger tasting events on a monthly basis, they have scheduled a Holiday Tasting this Friday from 4-6:30 pm.

This tasting is designed  to assist you with the libations that will pair perfectly with your Thanksgiving dinner.

“The tasting is being hosted by Favorite Brands and Jose Pastor Selections.” Angelica Robinson Backer told me when I visited the Cellar earlier this week. “ We will have about fifteen wines and a couple of beers, as well as a cider.”

Sounds like a party you don’t want to miss, and as always the featured libations will be on sale! Bring your I.D. and a warm coat; the Cellar is kept at a cool temperature year round. Even it winter, it’s often colder inside than out! It’s not called the Cellar for nothing!

For more information about the Cellar and this Friday’s Holiday Tasting (from 4-6:30 pm), please call the Cellar directly, 575 758-7445

Keep an eye on their site for updates about ongoing tastings throughout the Holidays!



All images thanks to the Cellar