Getting Around Taos


So you’ve booked your flight.

You’ll take the Shuttle from the airport straight to the Mountain, but you want to see a bit more of the area when you are not skiing. You’ve heard about the great shopping, galleries and museums as well as a couple of restaurants you’d like to try out, and are wondering firstly, how to squeeze it all in, and secondly, how to get there from TSV.

Frankly it’s hard to imagine a visit to Taos in the winter without experiencing all of it!

The Town of Taos is positively enchanting during these months when fresh snowfall magnifies our mythical light and casts a magical glow over the old adobes lining the little roads and lanes in the Historic District.

Or the mind blowing vistas seen from the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, made even more dramatic by the white stuff.

And Taos Pueblo, the longest inhabited structure in North America, still standing after more than a thousand years, nestled beneath a snow-capped Taos Mountain, reminds us of the deep and sacred roots that ultimately connect us all.

When it comes to getting around Taos, the options can be broken down into two categories: public transportation and private transportation.

And we have both. (Plus Uber of course.)

Enterprise Car rental or a rental company similar is perhaps the best option if you are staying for a week or more and you’ll be able to book some cheap car insurance quite easily too. It’s important to get insured on any car just in case any accidents happen or you need roadside recovery. If you’re planning a weekend trip, public transportation will more than suffice, getting you where you want to go.

During the Winter Season, through March 24, NCRTD provides free shuttle service from the Town of Taos to Taos Ski Valley.

This year the addition of the “Night Rider” Friday and Saturday evening shuttle service for those skiers wanting to spend a little more time in town or for town visitors who want to enjoy an evening on the mountain, makes our public transportation an even better option!

This great partnership between NCRTD, the Town of Taos, Village of Taos Ski Valley and TSV, makes it possible for you to enjoy the best of both worlds for absolutely no charge.

I’ve included the schedule’s below, along with links to the Town and Taos Ski Valley, (as well a link to Enterprise, for those of you who prefer to have your own transportation.)

341 TSV Green – Daily Service

Operating December 15 – March 24, the 341 TSV Green Line will provide free daily shuttle service to and from the Town of Taos, Valdez, El Prado, Arroyo Seco and Taos Ski Valley.

Winter Shuttle Service Extended to Friday and Saturday evenings for 2018/2019 Winter Season

380 Night Rider – Friday and Saturday Evening Service

Operating on Friday and Saturday evening from December 15 – March 24, the Night Rider provides free shuttle service to and from the Town of Taos, Valdez, El Prado, Arroyo Seco and Taos Ski Valley.

For detailed routes and scheduled times for both the TSV Green line and the Night Rider, (Operated by North Central Regional Transit District), please visit their site linked below (Blue Bus.)

Oh, and welcome to Taos!









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