Outdoors During Winter In Taos

Snow on the mountains and in the valleys below.

When winter’s first snowfall begins to blanket the ground here in Taos, it marks the start of the season for skiers and snowboarders at Taos Ski Valley, and other resorts in the Enchanted Circle. But they’re not the only outdoor adventurists who just as eagerly, await the winter months. They get their gear (with help from guides like https://altitude-blog.com/en/winter-boot-guide-how-to-choose-winter-boots/) and wait for that snow to fall thick!

With spring rapidly approaching, winter outdoor enthusiasts begin looking at higher altitudes to get in their final kicks of the season. And with Spring Break just a month away, you might well be checking out Taos as your Spring 2019 destination.

You can’t wait to ski the fresh powder, the trouble is your partner doesn’t ski, (nor snowshoe/cross-country), but wants to get outdoors. Compromise. Choose one of the alternative options for a day spent together, and while you ski, she/he can check out Taos’ amazing Art scene, and perhaps stumble on some hidden gems along the way. It’s easy getting down the Mountain and back again, for an Apres Ski drink. See links to transportation below this post.

I’ve covered the “Circle”, to give you a weekend’s worth of options: three places to go, with scenic drives along the way, that may rival any others you currently count as the best. Taos, Angel Fire and Eagle’s Nest all offer outdoor activities besides going fast down a mountain!


Backcountry trails lead to fluffy-snow-covered valleys and peaceful stands of evergreen where only birdsong and the wind whispering to the trees, can be heard. Experience nature at its pristine best by Snowshoeing or Cross Country Skiing

Taos Ski Valley? offers both trails to explore and guided Snowshoe trips. They claim that,”If you can walk, you can snowshoe, providing a unique and fun way to enjoy the outdoors in winter.” Taos Ski Valley excursions range from ” full moon guided outings, to solo explorations of a quiet trail, or a group dash-to-dine picnic adventure on a sunny afternoon.”


The El Monte Sagrado Resort and Spa in Taos, offers stellar year round (including Winter), tour options, through Heritage Inspirations. Angelisa Murray is passionate about the Land of Enchantment, and has traversed every inch of it in order to take you on an authentically New Mexican journey. There’s a great Showshoe tour included!



When you combine the thrill of a high-speed ride with the magical landscape of the snowy alpine environment, you’ll discover why snowmobiling is so popular in Angel Fire.

This is the snowmobiling experience of your dreams! And whether you prefer groomed trails or deep snow and backcountry adventure – miles of trails, and the option of guided tours, ensure you won’t have any trouble finding, or taking a ride in Angel Fire. Plus, some of the most beautiful scenery in the state, is here.


Ice Fishing

Shh, don’t say this out loud, but in fact, some of the best parts of ice fishing have nothing to do with the fish at all. Winter anglers reap some of the state’s best rewards: majestic vistas, stunning landscapes with early morning light shimmering on a lake, solitary animal tracks, stencilling the surface, they just have to make sure that they have the right ice fishing equipment with them to truly enjoy the experience. The time in quiet, relative solitude is healing balm to a world-weary soul. Don’t get me wrong, we all know that anglers spend lots of time worrying about rig presentation, which mainline and hook length they use and whether they’ve got the currently most effective ice fishing lures in their tackle box, but they really do get to see some wonders whilst out fishing. So, if you’d be interested in having a go at this whilst getting to see some beautiful sights, then dress warm, get out the galoshes, grab yourself some good ice fishing boots, and head for Eagle’s Nest.


For more on Winter Outdoor Recreation in the Land of Enchantment, please visit Taos.org (linked below.)


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Top two photos , thanks to Angelisa Murray/Heritage Inspirations, other images, stock files.