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Charlotte Mabry (or Charly as most of her friends know her) recalls how she and her husband Mat came to be the current owners of Horse Feathers.

“I went in looking for a bit,” she tells me, “and Lindsay asked if I wanted to buy the store as well.”

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Lindsay Enderby and his wife Nancy owned and managed the store from 1989 until they sold it to Charlotte and Mat. In the two years since buying the business, the Mabry’s have added to the existing inventory of classic Cowboy gear and ephemera, curating a collection of world-class Americana.

I’ve known Charlotte since she first came to Taos in her early teens with her late mother, the Internationally renowned artist Lanford Monroe and her husband at the time, Chipper Thompson. An avid equestrian as well as an incredibly gifted painter, Lanford’s love of horses and the West was passed onto her daughter who happens to be half Lakota, though you’d be hard pressed to guess that, given her blond hair and all American good looks.

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Look closer. Those cheekbones and her way with horses are a dead giveaway, as is her free spirited independence I’d love to see someone attempt to tame!

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After Lanford’s tragic and early passing in 2000, Charlotte headed to Arizona, Wyoming and Texas. She went to South Dakota where she spent time with her father’s family prior to trying her hand Team Roping in Rodeos before returning to Taos and falling in love with the man who is now her husband and the father of their two gorgeous children.

Back to the bit.

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She bought the bit and the store which continues to be the place in town to find those great vintage boots you’ve been dreaming about, along with buckles, belts, hats and more. Along with her mother’s love of horses, Charlotte inherited Lanford’s impeccable taste and knowledge of American antiquities. Lanford was an avid collector and Charlotte grew up in beautiful homes decorated with early American art and antiques.

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Horse Feathers is a treasure trove of quality Americana and Charlotte is well versed in the history of everything she sells and is more than happy to tell you about the origin and provenance of these collectables.

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About a year ago, I met the very beautiful and super cool model/stylist/designer Erin Wasson (at the World Cup) who was passing through town on her way back to Los Angeles where she lives. She was wearing great boots and I commented on them with no clue who she was, We struck up a conversation and she asked me where to go and what to see in Taos so I sent her straight to Horse Feathers. She went across the street and returned soon after, delighted that she’d found the perfect vintage Cowboy hat.

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Authentic, one of a kind pieces fill every inch of space in this shop so be prepared to spend a little time in here and Ralph Lauren, eat your heart out!


Photographs of Charlotte at Horse Feathers by Bill Curry



Update: This lovely shop is now closed.



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