O’Keeffe Country

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She arrived in May of 1929 and until 1949 spent part of every year working in New Mexico.

She bought the Ghost Ranch in 1934 and moved into a ranch house on the property in 1940, continuing to divide her time between here and New York until Alfred Stieglitz died in 1946.

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After settling his affairs, she moved here permanently in 1949.

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The crosses and churches, the Black Place, the White Place, the Pedernal (where her ashes were scattered after she died in 1986) she remade them in her own image and those images remain relevant now.

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Her refined aesthetic and exquisite taste lives on in her home in Abiquiu and in the art that hangs in museums around the world. These photographs by Bill Curry graphically depict what Georgia saw and left behind, immortalized and rendered iconic by her brush; the timeless mystique of Northern New Mexico

Photographs by Bill Curry



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