Take A Hike


Today, I’m going for a hike.

Deadlines have been met, checks are in the proverbial mail and I am free. For the moment at any rate.

011` IMG_7583

I’m heading for the hills for some fresh air and excercise. I feel as if I’ve been glued to my chair and computer forever, and my restless spirit demands I get outside. Packing a bag with supplies and Bill Whaley’s Gringo Lessons (I’ll feature Bill and his book here on Monday) which I’m eager to finish without the phone interrupting my read.

01 IMG_5430

I’ll find a quiet spot beside the river and spend a few hours blissfully alone…Chaco Canyon (shown here) would be perfection, but alas, too far to walk!

I’ll be back on Friday with a great post about one of Taos’ most accomplished and well known artists.

Outside the sun is shining and the birds are calling me.

Photographs by Bill Curry



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