Water Everywhere

01 IMG_8723

We’ve had an unbelievably rainy spring and early summer here in Taos.

It’s as green as can be and flowers are blooming everywhere. People are always amazed when visiting for the first time.

“I had no idea it would be this green” they exclaim, “I thought this was the desert.”

Well it is. Sort of.

But it’s all about the elevation.

7,200 ft and up – the higher you go. Wheeler Peak is 13,161. 

The Rio Grande is rushing with rain and runoff and so far, I’ve watered my small garden only once all season.

Rafting is a huge draw here during the summer months – many love the excitement of running the rapids – others prefer to head to one of our lakes for a day of fishing instead.

Thankfully we have choices.

The excess moisture we are getting is more than welcome here in the High Desert, but if you get an early start you can certainly soak up plenty of sunshine before the afternoon storms roll in.

Taking the day off and going outside myself. I’ll be back on Friday.


Photograph by Bill Curry