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Jamie Garrison is the Director/Curator at the (taoStyle Sponsor) Michael McCormick and Sons Art Gallery.


From Tyler, Texas, Jamie received her BFA from Texas Tech University and her MFA from the University of Texas in San Antonio. Her emphasis was in Photography combined with Sculpture and Mixed Media with an intensive background in Art History, all of which serves her well in her position at the Gallery.

As the Director/Curator of the McCormick Gallery she is in charge of coordinating and installing Art Exhibitions, working with the Artists directly, handling customer relationships, monitoring the Gallery website, dealing with the Media and the many other tasks and duties she juggles, all with a good-natured smile.

Jamie has brought terrific energy to the Gallery and has made my job as a writer (both here and for print media) a lot easier by setting up interviews with the artists I feature, and making sure I always have great images to choose from. I thought it was high time I did a piece on her.

Jamie and Meownet

“I had just received my Master’s degree in Fine Art from the University of Texas at San Antonio and got a text from (my best friend) jeweler, Jen Weddle who was living in Houston at the time.” She explains. ” Jen had taken a lapidary class here in Taos and she texted me and said “Hey you wanna move to Taos?” and I replied “Yup” and two months later here we were!”

Jen Weddle now shows exclusively at the McCormick Gallery in New Mexico.

Jamie laughs as she recalls that she only had $15 dollars in her pocket by the time she arrived, and took a huge leap of faith in coming here. “I’ve always been in love with New Mexico so I took the risk.” She says. “Michael’s Gallery was the first one I walked into.”
The last McCormick Gallery Director had just quit after a decade working for Michael, and he was thinking about hiring someone but was being cautious having invested a lot of time, energy and money in his former employee who left abruptly.
Jamie Garrison for About section on Website
“Michael asked if the paper I was holding was my resume, he took it, looked at it for a minute and then he looked up at me and said “Anyone who has been working since the age of 3 must have some good people skills, can you start now?” She remembers with a chuckle.

“I could and I did and  it’s been the best job I’ve ever had – creatively, inspiring, challenging, a learning experience, and in my field of study which is rare nowadays.” She continued. “I feel extremely fortunate to work at the best gallery in Taos.”

The Gallery is equally fortunate to have Jamie on board!

For more information about the Michael McCormick Gallery please visit their site linked below.


All images c/o Jamie Garrison except pic with Michael McCormick taken on my iphone

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