Pathways, Tracks and Trails



Summertime in Taos is a great time to explore the surrounding areas on foot.

Centuries of settlement have left trails and paths crisscrossing the area like veins on a limb.Following these paths might not lead anywhere but perhaps one need not go anywhere to get somewhere.


Some are secret trails, others are garden paths but all are worth walking for the views and surprises they offer along the way.

Walking is also a great practice; the rhythm and movement, the intake and release of breath serve as a meditation – a way to still the mind and simply be. It can also prime the pump for incredible creativity.


Get your walking shoes on and head outdoors. The sun is shining but it’s monsoon season and the storm clouds are rolling in – you have a few hours before it rains so what are you waiting for?


All pics taken by me, here and there.