A Secret Garden



We might be in the High Desert but that doesn’t mean nothing grows here.


Visitors are usually blown away by the verdant gardens they see while strolling around Taos – this valley is fertile and lush, especially after a season of heavy snow, when we all benefit from the runoff.


Tucked away behind walls and gates, many secret gardens exist throughout Taos County. Serious gardeners plant a rainbow of perennials that bloom one after the other from spring to fall, like a firework display!


This particular garden is a prime example.

IMG_0678 (1)

After twenty years of hard work; digging, building retaining walls, deciding between gravel vs concrete foundation, putting in raised beds, the owners are now reaping the benefits of beauteous bounty.


Vases of flowers fill their home and the homes of a few of their lucky friends.


I visited last week when the Iris were on their way out and Peonies were just starting to bud. In shady parts of the garden, a few Iris still bloomed majestically but they had to compete with Poppies and Columbine for my attention.


Two lilac bushes still full of blooms, gave off the most heavenly fragrance as I wandered along the paths taking pictures on my phone.


Yes, I carried a scissors too.

IMG_0647 (2)

All images captured on my iphone


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