Liz Fox Rocks Shree

Liz Fox  has the honor of teaching the first Yoga class of 2017 at Shree Yoga Taos.

What better way to start the day, or the New Year?

With a B.S. in Occupational Therapy, and more than two decades  working in that field, particularly in the area of adult neurology and orthopedics, Liz brings her background in anatomy and working with physical ailments, along with a deep understanding of injuries and treatment, to her Yoga Practice.

As a former champion equestrian, Liz’ personal injuries and recovery from them, affirm her belief in the healing power of Yoga.

Liz began to practice Yoga in 1998 in Salt Lake City, and continued her practice during her years living in Germany, (where her husband is from). After moving to Taos, she studied with Aura Garver for 8 years.

She completed her 200 hour teacher training at AuraFitness with Aura and Ashleigh Beyer in 2014.

When Shree Instructor Kelly Igoe, begged a little time off, Suki Dalury approached Liz to take Kelly’s slot.

“I’m just a place holder,” Liz says. “I think I’ll probably be here for about three months, when Kelly should be ready to return.”

Having subbed for a few of Shree’s Teachers in the past, Liz jumped at the opportunity to teach a regular class in the beautiful space that houses Shree Yoga Taos. For her first class of the New Year, she has a very special guest who will be playing live music.

“Vic Hennegan is my new neighbor, and he’s not only gorgeous but he’s unbelievably talented.” She told me.

“He has been a musician his entire life. His mother took him to see all the great bands, when he was still a child. Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, etc. He plays guitar, but will have his synthesizer here for the class.” Says Liz.

“I have been using some of his music in my playlists for a while, and asked him if he would play live during this particular class, and he agreed to it.”

Vic is an accomplished musician who has recently moved to Taos. His inclusion in Liz’ first class of the year will make it memorable and very special indeed. I’ve included his website link below this post as well.

“I teach Vinyassa, usually with music,” Liz explains, “but unlike some fast moving Vinyasa styles, I have a more meditative style, slower moving, giving you a chance to drop into the Asana before we move on.”

“For many, a yoga class can be an emotional experience,” she notes. “Lets make sure one of those emotions is joy.”

For more info on Liz Fox and her schedule at Shree, please visit their site linked below.


Photographs c/o Liz Fox