Dreams Of The Sea

I’ve been dreaming of the ocean for a year at least.

Longing for the salty air and the sand beneath my feet.

This past week I have been living the dream, here on the Northern California Coast, where I’m having girlfriend time with two old friends who both used to live in Taos.

These images were taken from the lookout above and on Muir Beach, where a pelican appeared to greet us when we arrived.

I’m returning to Taos on Wednesday. Meanwhile my entire being is filled with the expanse of the endless horizon, where sea meets sky!


All images taken on my iphone

2 thoughts on “Dreams Of The Sea

  1. It was truly magical! Great to connect with dear friends. You inspire me Lynne to be the best I can be! Love you!

  2. Thank you Toni for your friendship, generosity and all the laughs! What a fun time we had! And I can’t believe how perfect the weather was all week – incredible luck.

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