Chic Shack Revisited

Last winter I shared a Handmade Home with you,

Well, it’s summer now and time to see it in a new light!

My daughter’s house which she has renovated and brought into the current century, was built by a couple who raised two daughters in the home. My daughter and her fiancĂ© are busy people who have just opened a new business which has made them even busier.

They already have a home. They live together with two children and one teenager in the house Lee grew up in. They really want someone to buy this house and make it their new home.

And a home it is. Comfortable, with open-plan living and dining spaces that beg for crowds and company to gather around. Lots of light, skylights (like those that can be installed by, and large windows make for passive solar gain. Modern amenities, a custom built kitchen, bespoke tile work inside and out, plus built in shelving all add to its appeal.

The last tenant, a writer (these are her belongings), has since moved on, and the house awaits new owners, with children and pets and perhaps chickens for a Permaculture garden; there’s water rights, an acequia running through the property and mature trees provide the perfect habitat for a wild garden. In some cases, before a tenant moves in, landlords may decide to carry out a type of tenant screening on their applicants so they can make a thorough conclusion on whether or not they are they best people to rent and occupy your house.

The upstairs apartment (above the heated garage), has since been furnished and operates as a short term rental. It has become a popular listing and is rarely empty. There are caretakers on the property daily, plus the new listing agent, Brandon Rose, is there and showing the house often.

Brandon is taoStyle favourite Diane Enright’s Associate and I’m just delighted they now have this listing.

Big skies and a clear view of Taos Mountain make this a gem of a rural sanctuary just minutes from town, close to the hospital and on the school bus route.

For much more information and lots of images of the house, please visit Brandon Rose at Berkshire Hathaway/Taos Homes’ site linked bellow.

All photographs c/o Brandon Rose

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