Spring Forward


For that last ski trip of the year, it’s hard to beat Taos.

Considering its proximity to both Angel Fire and Sipapu, you essentially get three Resorts for the price of one, but once you arrive at Taos’ fabled Taos Ski Valley,  you won’t ever want to leave.

In spite of low snowfall here in the valley below, Taos Ski Valley has snow, and I’m told it’s fine. The downhill ski season ends in early April for Taos, and  usually wraps up in late March for Angel Fire.

Taos Ski Valley is really a world unto itself; a charming and quaint Bavarian Alpine Village seems out-of-place in the Rockies, but the Ski Valley is quintessentially Taos, (despite its origins as the brainchild of Ernie Blake, who was a German immigrant), and is at this point, part of the mythology of the entire valley.

Bill Whaley’s Gringo Lessons will give you a lesson in the Ski Valley’s history and a few others besides!

TSV also has a new Mayor, which is cause for celebration – you met Christoff Brownell here recently, when I featured him and his mother, Elizabeth Brownell at the start of the (TSV) Season.

We too came out of our local elections with some changes, but happily the Mayor and his ace staff, are still in place, moving Taos forward. Taos is no longer considered a backwater, but is now viewed as a desirable destination thanks to them. Faraway from the everyday is where most people want to be when on vacation!

At lower elevations, the snow is nonexistent and if we get any, it has melted by noon, so there are literally miles of hiking and biking trails to enjoy all over the area. Visit Taos.org (linked below), for all the info you need regarding these activities.

The town of Taos itself is a fun, quirky place to explore. Historical Kit Carson Road,  Taos Plaza, the John Dunn Shops and Bent Street are home to numerous galleries, boutiques, and great local restaurants. Local favorites include Bent Street Cafe, the Manzanita Market, Chokola (for sublime sipping chocolate), Parcht after 4pm, and the World Cup Cafe.

Or you could go bowling at Gutters. Great for a crowd and kids! The pizza’s  good too.

Margaritas (and live music) are legendary at the Taos Inn and the beer at the Taos Mesa Tap Room can’t be beat, though nothing tops the burgers at the Ale House, I’m told.

Music is everywhere from the Inn and Tap Room, to the Alley and further away.

Hit the Mesa Brewing Mothership on your way back to Taos Ski Valley.

Common Fire  (open 7 days, these days), is closer to your home away from home so you could stop there for a bite, and bypass the late scene on the Mesa. 

Whatever you decide, there is no shortage of choices, options and bright ideas at this elevation. You could do what we do daily; simply find a spot to relax and be awed by the magical light, as the days grow longer and the sun sets no less gloriously, later!

For more on all of the above, look no further than Taos.org. The official Site for the Town of Taos, linked below this post.


Gringo Lessons

Photographs of Taos Spring (light) beauty, thanks to Derek Hart and Bill Curry.