Twirl’s 4th Annual Invent Event

Twirl’s at it again!

As if providing the best playspace and toy shop for miles around was not enough, since taking on their non-profit status, Twirl has become a true force in our midst!

Empowering the children of our community with knowledge gained via creativity and play, their 4th Annual Invent Event will take place on Saturday April 28th from 12 – 4pm at Enos Garcia Elementary School.

Produced by Twirl in collaboration with several partners, this community celebration of creativity and technology provides opportunities for 1,000+ kids and adults to explore, invent and build together using a variety of low and high-technologies.

Twirl has also partnered with Enos Garcia, Ranchos Elementary, Arroyos del Norte, Taos Day School and the Taos Youth & Family Center, prior to the event itself, to provide mini Invent-Event experiences at their locations.

The goal of these mini Invent Events is to support the schools’ efforts to engage parents in their child’s learning, create excitement around STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programming, and to provide a teaser to the main event to raise awareness.

3D printing, robotics, solar energy, lowrider hydraulics, electronics, metal tooling, upcycling, woodworking, engineering, drones, fiber play, and more, allow the children to explore all aspects of learning in a fun and creative environment,

Invent Event intends to make science, art and technology both accessible and fun to all who participate, helping to foster valuable 21st century learning skills, including  critical thinking, and  inspiring the next generation of inventors and innovators. It is a unique opportunity for adults and children alike to explore new technologies, techniques and tools together in a lighthearted, playful way.

Needless to say the Twirl Triumvirate are up and down the Dragon staircase a million times a day, getting ready for the big day, which promises to be even bigger than usual. While juggling a gazillion tasks, they are also clearly thinking ahead.

“With our economy estimated to require 123 million advanced technological jobs by 2020, Invent Event empowers youth to embrace technology and become tomorrow’s creative workforce.”  Says Nikki Ross. Executive Director of Twirl, “Invent Event is a true community effort, with so many businesses, organizations, and individual artists, as well as an army of volunteers, coming together to provide this rich and immersive experience for the whole community to play creatively together.”

Adds Nina Silfverberg, Twirl’s Public Programs Manager, “Invent Event is a super inspirational creativity extravaganza that everyone should come to!

Anais Rumfelt, Twirl’s Marketing and Playspace Manager seconds that. “Not to be missed!” She says.

This year’s event is sponsored by a heartening array of local businesses who understand the importance of cutting edge education in our schools, as well as several other business who have partnered with Twirl to make the Invent Event possible.

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All photos thanks to Twirl