Southwest Wellness Scales Up

You asked and they listened!

If you haven’t yet, go and check out the changes at Southwest Wellness.

For months now Taos customers have requested having product weighed in front of them, rather than having to purchase prepackaged grams and eighths. Fret no more, your queries have been considered and responded to!

Although there are pros and cons attached to this method – One of the major benefits of using pre-package marijuana is that it significantly cuts down on product loss. Often times the weight of a batch can lose moisture and shake reducing the profit margin from the time of purchase, however seeing the flowers weighed in front of you, ensures that what you see is what you get.- In the opinion of the folks at Southwest Wellness, providing what the patients want is paramount.

“Taos is no longer doing prepackaged sales,” Samantha Serna told me yesterday. “Our product will now be weighed out as purchased in front of patients.”

Samantha, who manages the Southwest Wellness Albuquerque dispensary ( 9132 Montgomery Blvd ),had been up in Taos, redecorating and rearranging the dispensary on Salazar Road on Southwest Wellness’ incredible property designed by Doug Patterson.

The space looks airy and bright and the addition of glass jars filled with product, further amps up the apothecary vibe. And although for the time being, packaging will remain the same, they are also looking at more environmentally friendly alternatives.

“We also have about 5 new strains that will be coming out within the next two months.” Sam told me, “and we have some great new product too.” She continued.

“Like the OG Kush Sauce (70% THC Diamonds) something that only one other shop carries right now, or the Specialty Herbal Edibles products we carry, like Chex Mix, or Salted Caramel.”

I’ve not tried either but friends who have told me they are great, and I have noticed that edibles practically fly out of the fridge and the case. I see people adding them to their purchases frequently so I am assuming they are top-notch. I’ve also seen a huge increase in the amount of CBD gummies for sale too. As they’re another form of edible, they’re also increasingly popular as they can help anyone maintain their best ECS performance. The chocolate (which I have tasted) is all sublime. I have been told by quite a few people who use edibles, my friends included, that there are just so many websites that sell them, that it is hard to choose a favorite. I know they particularly like using the edibles that they have found on TogoWeed ( so this could be a good place to start if I want to try something new. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a different flavor that I prefer more?

Sam also told me that Southwest Wellness will be open on Memorial Day and have a few great specials planned.

– All Strains only $7/g

– All Half Grams of Concentrate will be $30

– Edibles all $3 off

– Veterans will receive an additional 5% off on entire purchase.

Now that’s what I call scaling up!

For those of you who don’t already know, Southwest Wellness have a doctor’s office on the premises, where you can get assistance for a Medical Marijuana card. Southwest Wellness in Taos is located at 1023 Salazar Rd. If you’re not located in the US but instead based in Canada and want to get your hands on some edibles, check out these weed gummies at You don’t have to miss out!

For much more on Southwest Wellness and all the services they provide, please visit their website linked below.


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