Indian Market At The McCormick Gallery

Tomorrow, August 18th, from 5-9pm, the Michael McCormick Gallery will host their Annual Indian Market bash.

Michael McCormick’s Indian Market celebration is at this point, tradition aqui en Taos; as with all of his artist’s receptions, Michael pulls out all the stops during Indian Market weekend.

The galley puts the spotlight on their fine stable of both Native American artists, as well as those known for depicting the Indigenous American’s (in their work), with dignity and respect.

R.C. Gorman, Frank Howell, Fritz Scholder, and others will be featured this weekend, along with Malcolm Furlow, who shows exclusively with the McCormick Gallery in Taos.

For McCormick, who has been showing Native artists for over three decades here in Taos, this annual tribute has become not only a given, but an opportunity to showcase the extraordinary work he has acquired over that time. Some quite rare and all, quite unique.

His collection runs the gamut from the very traditional to the contemporary and modern approach of renowned artists such as Gorman, Scholder and Furlow.

Michael explained that this year’s event “will be somewhat special, as Malcolm has of late been somewhat incapacitated in his painting, due to health reasons.”

“There will be originals on display, but for Indian Market, we are offering his top ten, best selling work, from the past twenty-five years, as giclee prints.”

Furlow has enhanced the prints, and will be on hand to sign posters (the sale of which benefits Stray Hearts), tomorrow evening.

As always, it is a party at Michael’s eponymous gallery, with food, refreshments and fun!

For more information on the event,tomorrow from 5-9 pm  the artists and the gallery, please visit the gallery’s site linked below this post.


All images of Malcolm Furlow’s work, thanks to Michael McCormick