Soulful Women At Shree Yoga

An introduction to a woman’s daily practice.

So read the newsletter that arrived in my email from Shree Yoga. I was curious, so when Genevieve asked me if I would cover this series on taoStyle this month, and informed me that Shree would be offering more classes like this, going forward, I agreed.

I reached out to Harhari Kaur, who is teaching these classes, to discover a little more about her and her practice.

1) Please tell my readers a bit about you and your path with Kundalini Yoga

HK) Sat Nam,

My name is Harhari Kaur ~ meaning the creative aspect ~ given to me in 2001 by Yogi Bhajan , who brought Kundalini Yoga to use.  I chose to change my name legally, to commit myself to one name / one sound vibration ~ so i may stay & serve on my divine destined path…I am blessed to have my whole family call out this vibration!

These ancient teachings of Kundalini Yoga made sense to me – mind, body and soul.

Mostly on a soul level – i found my soul was met with my mind and  body – there seemed to be a deep tuning in effortlessly – there seemed to be subtle body awakenings and more experiential awareness -I felt more like the me in me.

As I kept close to my Kundalini Yogic Community – I felt myself on my spiritual path –  as the me in me – listening and maintaining connection to my Creator.

It has been a mindful practice of  getting to know my soulful – self.

2) Can you tell us a bit about the workshop you are teaching at Shree Yoga?

HK) The workshop I will be teaching at Shree Yoga in Taos  – Kundalini Yoga for Women – is just that – an offering and an opportunity for all women – to experience their innate Grace.          

(For thee woman inside the woman – for thee love & support of that woman to rise & shine herself to herself )

We will tune into the teacher inside ourselves for an experience of our own innate wisdom to come forth and show her presence.

We will experience a gentle activated intentional approach to connecting our minds to our bodies to serve our souls – through experiential awareness techniques – combining breath , movement and meditation / mantra and mudra.

3) Your focus is on women – very timely – can you tell us a little about why the approach for women is different?

HK)The approach for women is different is because we (thee WOmen) are different. We have come here to serve thee world.  We need to re-member our tribal agreement and come together to deliver our nurturing care, love and support        that this world needs. We have come with the wisdom and the capacity to multi task – our innate intuitive powers can lead thee way

We need to practice being (thee Women) we came here to be.

A feminine force delivers herself through her radiant body.

Thanks HarHari!

For more about this series which happens on Tuesdays (4 -5pm), throughout September, please visit Shree Yoga Taos’ site linked below this post.


Photos thanks to HarHari Kaur and Shree Yoga