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For the lucky Medical Marijuana card-holding citizens amongst us at any rate, and if you don’t but have been considering getting a medical marijuana recommendation from a physician, you might have been wondering about the difference between medical and recreational marijuana. With more and more states legalizing the use of medical marijuana, there’s never been a better time to find out more; including what kief is and how to use it!

You might be feeling a little apprehensive, however there is a great wealth of evidence to show that cannabis can help with a variety of chronic medical conditions. Nowadays it is used in dispensaries such as old 27 wellness all over the US. It’s also been used for centuries ever since the ancient Egyptians discovered its medical benefits. It’s a hugely profitable business to go into if you’re considering opening a dispensary, just make sure you use one of the best cannabis packaging companies to ensure that your products stand out from all the others on the market.

The drug was listed from 1851 to 1941 in the United States Pharmacopeia (USP), and was considered an acceptable medical product for many years here in the U.S. In fact, preparations containing marijuana were frequently prescribed in the late 1800s. Along with other old remedies, it began to be replaced by modern medicines during the 20th century.

Medically speaking, people have long known about the vast benefits of marijuana. What’s old, is new again. Cannabis, consumed correctly, can have amazing health benefits, whether you go for cheapweed or for other strains. This knowledge has been around for so long actually, that most people probably don’t even remember the first time it drove a revolution in the production of medicine.

It was during the 1840s and 50s when William O’Shaughnessy introduced the West to marijuana. He was stationed in India where he had learned about the plant’s medicinal properties. But by the mid 1930s the USA decided to put an abrupt end to all of this by banning the sale, cultivation and even the research of cannabis. We are fast picking up where we left off, but this time with very different methods and much more sophisticated research.

Looking back it isn’t hard to see that marijuana must have been viewed as a miracle drug at that time, as it was used to cure everything from corns to colds to mental exhaustion and more. Even today people are still surprised how many beneficial properties cannabis contains, and how many ailments it can treat. Most of the early cannabis based medicines, were in liquid or pill form, and available from many different manufacturers.

Last month, a national Gallup survey found that 66 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana, including a clear majority of Republicans. In New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham (D), who won the governor’s race, said legalizing marijuana will bring “hundreds of millions of dollars to New Mexico’s economy.”

While Grisham was not the most ardent cannabis legalization supporter among the field of Democratic primary contenders, she has long walked a pragmatic line in calling for expanded health and safety regulations for the state’s medical marijuana market. Looking ahead, she has also insisted that New Mexico lawmakers take a close look at other states’ adult-use markets before moving forward with any legislation of their own.

“I am committed to working with the legislature to move toward legalizing recreational cannabis in a way that improves public safety, boosts state revenues and allows for New Mexico businesses to grow into this new market,” Grisham said in a public statement early in her campaign.

She was the head of the state’s Health Department when its medical marijuana program began in 2007.

Grisham is also a co-sponsor for the CARERS Act in Congress, which would allow the growing and processing of certain cannabidiol products in accordance with state law.

Also the fact that the Democrats, who have been much more likely than Republicans to support cannabis reform legislation, retook control of the chamber, means that the chances of ending federal prohibition sooner rather than later just got a lot better.

For now it’s evident that marijuana reform supporters had a good night on election night, and one clear winner in the midterm elections was marijuana. And that’s a good enough reason to celebrate!

However even though New Mexico is on the fast track to legalization, be aware it will still take some time. If you are a New Mexico resident and don’t have a medical marijuana card, and suffer from chronic illness, pain and/or emotional stress, you can apply for one at Southwest Wellness where there are medical professionals on the premises, ready to assist you. If you do have your card, Southwest Wellness have a blowout Black Friday for you!

Besides lots of goodies from Mountaintop Extracts, concentrates and other specialty items, the dispensary is featuring Twax Joints. An Indica/Hybrid regular pre-roll that are coated with 0.2g of THC distillate (70% THC Concentrate using alcohol) and then rolled in 0.25 grams of keif (the THC trichomes of the buds), so the joints come out to a whopping 350-420 mg THC per Twax Joint. This is definitely a joint meant to be shared among several people, or savoured one toke at a time!

New flower strains (massively discounted along with everything else),scheduled to drop on Friday, include Cherries & Cream and King Skunk. Super Glue will have you stuck to your couch, so plan on staying in for awhile after consuming. That said, the Twax Joints take the cake! Or are they the cake?

For more information on Black Friday Specials at Southwest Wellness, please visit their site linked below, and do visit (and like), their new sww/facebook page!

The Southwest Wellness dispensary in Taos is located at 1023 Salazar Road.


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