Everything Old Is New Again At ReNeux

It’s party season, and if you are like most women, you have a closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear,

And if you are a man shopping for something special for the special woman in our life, you might want to read on as well!

Most women love fashion. They love getting dressed up and they especially love the thrill of buying something utterly impractical that they can’t really afford! More than anything, they really love the thrill of the chase.

But these days with climate change a frightening reality, most sane people (men and women) are realizing the absolute insanity of fast fashion along with fast food, and are more and more aware of how all of the so-called progress we have made, is literally killing us.

Politically the most powerful statement we can make, is to choose wisely how and where we spend our money, and this is why, in the world of smart fashion, consignment shops have become so popular and successful. As well as sustainable clothing brands such as Parker Clay and many more that you can find providing ethical clothing in efforts to help the planet.

Because women love to shop, especially during party season when they open their closets and find absolutely nothing to wear, or are so bored with everything they see, and what’s old to you is still new to them.

Shelia Ross who is the new owner of ReNeux, which was opened initially in the space now occupied by Heather Miro, by Shawna Yambire, has been featured on taoStyle before in her other role as one of the most sought after floral designers for Destination Weddings in Taos.

“I love clothes!” Shelia exclaimed when I asked her why she’d purchased the shop.

“And I’m also interested in supporting a more sustainable approach to fashion which is why I have been on the lookout for upcycled apparel that fits my preferred style.”

From Vivienne Westwood to Stella McCartney- many designers who are passionate about making ethical fashion, are helping to make sustainability cool in an industry traditionally driven by the shiny and new.

But a meaningful conversation about fashion and sustainability needs to be inclusive and not just about those lucky enough to be able to afford a pair of Stella’s new Vegan Stan Smiths, but the average shopper who has maybe $50.00 to throw away ona trend item.

Sustainable fashion means wearing a mix of old but loved go to pieces, vintage thrifted treasures and fun things found traveling and/or at consignment shops, mixed with a few new investment pieces, like shoes, bags etc.

And here at ReNeux it’s not hard to do, with a fast changing inventory (that ultimately gets donated to women in need), that is of the finest quality, gently worn and size inclusive!

The day I stopped by a very chic older woman was unloading a bag of gorgeous silk scarves and an amazing mixed media, stone necklace, long enough to be wrapped around a slim waist.

You too can bring in the clothes you no longer love and find something here, to replace them. The ongoing recycling is as green as it gets.

This season, postpone that expensive shopping trip for an outfit you’ll only wear once or twice. First open your wardrobe instead. Start by pulling out anything leopard print – very trendy this winter (and if you have none, Shelia does!)

Any skirt that hits below the knee will work, If there’s a pair of cropped trousers that you usually only wear in warmer weather, try them with ankle boots (aplenty at ReNeux), and a sequined top which you’ll also find there, along with sparkly party dresses and all the accessories you’ll need for your Holiday soirees.

Shelia doesn’t yet have a website for ReNeux, but she does have active Facebook Pages



All images taken on my iphone