Happy Holidays At Cid’s


I’ve said it before: Cid’s is much more than a food store!

It’s a one stop shop this Season for all of your Holiday needs. From the food you are serving to the gifts you plan to give,  Cid’s has it all.

I love the HABA department for sustainable, feel and smell good products. Soaps, lotions, body oils and butters all make divine gifts during the winter months when our skin is literally ravaged by the elements. Oshara (by DB Taos), and Bison Star Naturals (winners of the Best in Category at the NMAM), are two of my go tos, but there is much more to explore on these shelves.

Kind and ethical cosmetics and fragrant essential oils also make super presents.

As do Bath products and beeswax candles from across the aisle. Did you know they put tons of negative ions in the air adding immensely to your natural state of being? Add some Indian incense (made by and benefiting widows), while there, and perhaps a few pretty holders too? Now you have all you need for a gift basket anyone would love. The baskets are here too. Gorgeous African market baskets that last forever. Now that’s sustainable.

If you’re pressed for time, Cid’s will even make up the baskets for you.

Think food baskets – some good olive oil, balsamic vinegar, hand-made pesto and pasta. Fresh basil. Perhaps a rope of garlic. A chunk of parmesan. Or go all out with everything needed for a Traditional Tea Ceremony? . The ideas are endless and better yet, all the ingredients are under one roof!

For your parties you might want to consider forgetting food prep altogether and have Cid’s stellar kitchen staff do the job for you.

Yes, they cater. Their Holiday Catering menu is up on the Cid’s website linked below. And in case you are not aware, Cid’s kitchen turns out some of the best food in town! Lunch time is busy for good reason. I hear the breakfasts are awesome too. But rest assured, whatever you choose for your Holiday soiree will be a delicious and healthy choice. Clean food is happy food.

From the anti-pasta and crudites platters shown here, to the full-on cooked dishes they offer, the food is as fresh as it gets.

From there you might want to check out all the new refrigerated cases around the Dairy and Meat Departments. Your eyes are not playing tricks, a few items have been moved around, and it may take longer to find them, but it’s also reason  to try  things you don’t usually buy. The cases are more energy-efficient and have way more room than the old ones, making finding stuff (once you’ve located its new home), a breeze.

As for turkeys; there will be plenty. All GMO free from Mary’s (the chicken lady.) There will also be Prime Rib and several other choices and cuts to make your dinner everything you imagine it to be.

And if you are vegetarian the selection of root vegies and squash would make an awesome roasted offering on a platter along with bowls of greens and a grain. The selection of vegan products at Cid’s is extensive.

The Holiday Season is stressful enough without adding any more by running around from one place to another for last-minute gifts. Head directly to Cid’s. If all else fails and you can’t find a thing, a gift card is always a good idea!

For more on Cid’s and what they offer during the Holidays as well as year ’round, and to download their Holiday menu, please visit their site linked below.




All photographs  thanks to Joshua Cunningham