Health, Wellness And Crystal Bowls

Local Flavor takes a look at Wellness in Northern New Mexico.

“Our March health and wellness issue features stories about running, honoring your ancestors, celebrating your accomplishments, meditating through sound healing, eating and drinking well, partnering to care for your local food systems, and taking the time to experience art.” Local Flavor’s Editor Cullen Curtiss informs us in her introduction to this month’s issue.

I’m particularly excited to share this issue here on taoStyle as I have a piece in the magazine on Jvala Moonfire’s crystal healing bowls. Jvala was featured in Vogue magazine last Fall in an article on New Mexico’s Spas and Wellness scene. Clearly, there’s a buzz.RUNNING WITH WINGS. A Santa Fe-based Native American organization embraces their spiritual and cultural legacy of running to compete, to play, to pray and hope, and to bring unity.

SINGING BOWLS. At the hands of Taos practitioner Jvala Moonfire, these crystal bowls sing you toward healing and the quiet refuge of meditation and extreme consciousness.

CAFE PASQUAL’S AT 40. Celebrate the iconic Santa Fe restaurant’s vibrant midlife! Did you know 95% of its ingredients are certified organic, and the meats are always free-range and antibiotic-free?

NOURISH ONE ANOTHER. Three Sisters Kitchen in ABQ has a strong community activist spirit that’s dedicated to strengthening every aspect of our local food system through partnerships.

VOILÀ! HERVÉ WINE BAR. Thank goodness French winemaker Hervé Lescombes decided to plant some vines in Southern New Mexico and some roots on Santa Fe Plaza.

STILL HUNGRY? Any recipe fit for a bowl is destined for goodness. Thank you to our local chefs for the recipes!

CHEFS’ BUZZ. Sommelier Mark C. Johnson gives you some scoop on the hospitality industry ’round Northern NM, including a mention of Johnny Vee’s 20th with the Santa Fe-based Las Cosas School of Cooking.

ART BUZZ. Your guide for where to go in March to see and experience art.

TOP TIX. It will be hard to resist buying tix to Stephanie Hainsfurther’s March performing arts picks.

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All images thanks to Local Flavor, except for the top image of Jvala Moonfire at Shree Yoga Taos.  Thanks to Shree.