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If you live in Taos, you are probably still reeling.

The tragic loss of World Cup Cafe owner, Patrick Larkin has devastated the entire community. If however, you happen to be a card carrying NM Medical Marijuana patient, a little relief is not difficult to come by. Especially if you live in an area that gives you access to these products at a dispensary. Or if you don’t then why not think about opening your own business so you can provide other people with the relevant relief. All you need to do to help you on your way is to look into companies similar to bakedlink who can assist you in finding quotes for things like licensing, marketing and equipment to ensure you can make the change that you want to see.

When Southwest Wellness opened their first dispensary (in Taos, adjacent to the state of the art greenhouses designed by architect Doug Patterson) to house what was and still is, the largest medical marijuana grow in the state, the town was a’buzz with speculation and rumour.

Now two years later, it’s evident that the operation has not only been great for medical cannabis patients in Taos, with efficient service in a pristine environment, along with professional medical assistance on the premises to obtain a card if you don’t yet have one, but for the state’s burgeoning marijuana economy as well. The company provides jobs for many locals along with much needed medicine for qualified patients statewide. If you qualify for medical cannabis, then you may wish to check out a medical cannabis dispensary near you who will be able to help get what you need.

The marijuana grown in the aforementioned greenhouses are held to the highest standards, using the best greenhouse fans to ensure proper airflow, and no toxic chemicals are used to fertilize the plants; Southwest Wellness still operates the largest state of the art, light deprivation, temperature-controlled greenhouse grow in the state of New Mexico.

Barbara Crawford, the Managing Member for the organization is very chic, very savvy and very articulate; Barbara’s pragmatic approach to business has grown the company by leaps and bounds in the past two years with a second location in Albuquerque bookending Northern New Mexico, and this week when I popped in to see Will Hooper, SWW’s Social Media Director, I was pleasantly surprised to find Barbara there as well.

When we first met in August of 2017, Barbara took me on a tour of the greenhouses and explained that they had 38,000 sq ft of (controlled light deprivation), greenhouses, and were permitted to grow 450 plants. They said that they had been looking at some of the European and French greenhouses for inspiration for their operation. They had also been looking at a grow guide (or guide de croissance as they say in France) to find the best way to go about it. This year though, when we talked on Tuesday, she told me that she was there to oversee the “killing of almost 700 baby plants.”

After ruling that a larger number of plants were permitted per “Grow”, another New Mexico law went into effect Tuesday that limits the state’s 35 medical marijuana providers to only 1,750 mature plants. The legislation, which replaces previous guidelines that allowed for 2,500 plants per provider, was adopted by state Health Secretary Kathy Kunkel,

As this law goes into effect, the number of patients enrolled in the program could also change significantly based on the outcome of a recent lawsuit. A judge has ruled that New Mexico’s medical marijuana program is open to people from outside the state who qualify based on a medical condition.

Reforms this year to the state’s medical cannabis statutes deleted the in-state residency requirement for prospective marijuana patients. The office of Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham says that change was unintended and plans to appeal, but for now, if you are a card carrying patient from another state, you can apply for a New Mexico medical marijuana card as well.

This Labor Day Weekend, Southwest Wellness is opening two new locations in Albuquerque (addresses are listed below this post), while in Taos, the friendly budtenders are getting ready for a blowout weekend with the Sting concert in Kit Carson Park sure to bring visitors from all over the state and beyond.

If you are planning to attend the show, you’ll be happy to know that they will have a special on easy-to-carry candy (all varieties), this weekend, with 15% off! Several new and (old favorites), flowers and other products are also available for the best value around.

Southwest Wellness will not be open on Monday as they are focusing on opening up the two new locations in ABQ, with soft openings this weekend at both stores (on 98th, and the second on San Pedro).

The company’s expansion positions Southwest Wellness perfectly regarding the ongoing changes we are seeing being made almost weekly to the medical cannabis laws in New Mexico.

Southwest Wellness in Taos is located at 1023 Salazar Rd.

In Albuquerque, the 9132 Montgomery Blvd location will now be joined by two more: 2325 San Pedro Dr NE and 101 98th St SW.

For much more information on Southwest Wellness and all the services they provide, please see their site linked below.


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