Green Is The New Black

This Thanksgiving.and throughout the Holidays at Taos Blue!

A family Holiday Season that is  more sustainable, less wasteful and better for the environment might have seemed a bit Grinch-like only a few years ago, but there are signs that many more people  will be opting for more eco-friendly festivities  this year. 

Activists behind Buy Nothing Day and Green Friday, who encourage supporters to spend nothing and celebrate sharing instead, are presenting a real challenge to the traditional commercial frenzy of Black Friday. Putting a squeeze on the corporations that have long controlled our spending habits, is at this time, the most political act of all.

But can this growing backlash against consumerism really make a difference? 

According to a recent study, the US creates almost 40% more waste than usual over the Holiday Season. Literally miles of wrapping paper and plastic packaging are mindlessly bought, used for a moment, and thrown into the trash.

November and December traditionally account for over 25 percent of total annual retail sales, but 2019 has already been a challenging year on and offline. Sales growth in the past 12 months has fallen to its lowest ever level, reportedly propelled by Britain’s Brexit uncertainty and Trump’s unpredictability.

Clearly this growing movement  is having an effect. You can get on board too. And even if buying nothing is out of the question, you can buy mindfully, and less. Consider abbreviating your list this year, to include only your children and close family members. Make or bake for friends. It’s true it is the thought that counts.

Choose carefully the gifts you do purchase. Buy locally and buy things that are “both useful and beautiful.”  William Morris’ wise words, spoken during the height of the Arts&Crafts rebellion against Victorian excess, ring even more true today. With Thanksgiving Weekend ahead, lovely things for the table, from locally sourced linens to handcrafted ceramics, are always a great gift idea for the hostess.

Sue Westbrook at Taos Blue has made a point of carrying American made Arts&Crafts at Taos blue for three decades, with an emphasis on things for the home; lasting, useful and beautiful. This year is no different. As Sue celebrates the Season with a nod to pure, unadulterated Americana and sustainable style!

Along with the changing scene in her Seasonal Windows, Sue has curated a collection of table accessories and tableware, to make the Holiday table joyful and colorful; unusual; serving pieces, great mugs for hot chocolate and other steaming drinks or soups are perfect gifts for the loved ones on your shortlist. 

Objects that will be used time and again; worthy of being passed along from generation to generation, heirlooms in the making.  Elevate basic dinnerware with exquisite hand made textiles; napkins and table runners, and gorgeous ceramic vases for the flowers guests inevitably bring.  

Research proves that experiences provide more lasting happiness than things, so most of all, enjoy the Holiday, stress free, whether you are joining family and friends around the table, or eating dinner alone; it’s a wonderful opportunity to slow down, and be grateful for what we do have; realizing that enough is enough.

This year, after sitting out Black Friday, you might want to think about skipping the tree as well! An estimated 6 million real Christmas trees end up in landfills each year. If you do get a real tree, please repurpose it afterwards; use the needles in a potpourri, the branches for kindling, and keep the ornaments natural, edible or collectable, unique and reusable. Like the ones Sue has on sale year round, at Taos Blue on Bent Street.

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All images thanks to Jeff Spicer and Taos Blue