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Local Flavor’s editor Cullen Curtiss reports from the field.

NEW MEXICO IS UNITED.“If we believe in ourselves, we can create something that is and feels important enough, something that is more than just about winning a soccer game,” says Peter Trevisani, CEO and founder of New Mexico United.

UNITED’S BIGGEST FAN. Meet Peter Trevisani, CEO and founder of New Mexico United, who has given New Mexico the pro team they never had. He says, “It may feel very established, but there are so many people who have not been to a game yet. And we want them to be there. This team is for them. My hope is that we have a team that we’re building for the next 100 years that we can point to as a symbol of our culture.” (Story by Cullen Curtiss and photos by Liz Lopez.)

2020 UNITED ROSTER. We asked each player to ponder their role with New Mexico United, and each had a heartfelt response. Featured above, Forward Devon Sandoval writes, “We are fighters, we are used to being the underdog and looked down on. But we are a prideful people. We love our home and we fight for it on the field.”

THE BLESSINGS OF THE CURSE.. President and co-founder of The Curse, New Mexico United’s supporter group says, “We are turning ‘the curse’ on its head. What works in New Mexico is United.” (Story by Stephanie Hainsfurther and photos courtesy of New Mexico United.)

LOUIS MOSKOW. As he celebrates 25 years at the helm of 315 Restaurant & Wine Bar, Louis Moskow speaks candidly and beautifully with interviewer Chef Mark Oppenheimer. He says, among other things, “I want to be the best part of your day.” (Interview by Mark Oppenheimer and photos by Stephen Lang.)

HOLLOW SPIRITS. This dynamic crew at Hollow Spirits is distilling exquisite spirits and crafting eclectic food and spirits. Founder Frank Holloway says, “Distilleries are exactly where breweries were about 10 years ago. I started doing the research—it’s a risk, but an educated risk. A lot of people don’t really know what a distillery is, so that was part of the business plan: knowing we’d have to educate people. We got in at the right time, but we’re on a clock right now, so we have to be aggressive.” (Story by Caitlin Richards and photos by Liz Lopez.)

STILL HUNGRY? VEGAN RECIPES. . Our columnist Lynn Cline cajoles three local chefs to grant you a vegan alternative to three traditionally hearty, meaty dishes. Thank you, Blue Heron, Plaza Cafe, and Bumble Bee’s!

The mind as muscle. Author of One Blade of Grass: Finding the Old Road of the Heart, a Zen Memoir, Associate Zen Master Henry Shukman in a conversation with Cullen Curtiss about the importance and deep beauty of sitting still.

ART BEAT. Columnist Mia Rose Poris’ picks for your March gallery-hopping includes a stop to Wild Hearts Gallery, where you can see Judith Roderick’s Theme of Cranes..

TOP TIX. We’d be culture-less without Top Tix columnist Stephanie Hainsfurther’s tips on the hottest performing arts tix in town, including the dance troupe Pilobolus on Mar. 7.

CHEF’S BUZZ. Columnist Lynn Cline delivers her monthly round-up of foodie highlights, including the very exciting news that Paddy Rawal of Raaga-Go “Beat Bobby Flay”!

ON THE ROAD. Author of Exploring New Mexico, Sharon Niederman is back this month with more road trip recommendations for your early spring adventures, including a celebration on 3.14.2020, otherwise known as Pi Day, at Pie-o-Neer Cafe!

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Post by Lydia Martinez