Aug/Sept At Local Flavor

“Most everything we took for granted feels dear—that embrace upon greeting, that paycheck, a school full of children, an art opening, that casual “where shall we go out to eat tonight?”

So writes Cullen Curtis in her intro to this issue of Local Flavor.

“In our Aug/Sept 2020 issue, you will sigh a relieved “thank goodness” for those who endure in their craft, those who stare down complacency in favor of innovation and rebirth. Mark Kiffin, celebrating 20 years at The Compound, says it well: “I’m trying to make the best of this wake-up call. We have to be better.”  As does Roger Montoya, executive director of Moving Arts Española, “Our communities are under attack. It’s a call to action that I feel compelled to answer.” And Native American artist Frank Buffalo Hyde expounds, “To be an artist is to be political; to be Indigenous is to be political. If you think the government does not represent you or care for you, now you know what’s it’s like to be Native American. The playing field has been leveled. We are all suffering. We are all Native Americans now.”

MARK KIFFIN & THE COMPOUND, 20 in 2020. One of Santa Fes most acclaimed chefs celebrates 20 years at his landmark restaurant, The Compound. (Story by James Selby and photos by Ramsay de Give.)

THE MODERN MERCHANTS OF SAWMILL. New Mexicos first artisan food hall is a foodie experience thats not to be missed! (Story by Amy Morton and photos by Douglas Merriam.)

NATIVE VOICES ON LIVING IN EPIC TIMES. In their own words, five notable Native artists reflect on our times. Artist Frank Buffalo Hyde says, “I think artists are well qualified to deal with the pandemic situation because we string things together. Were used to making do with the resources at hand, to make the best of the situation. We are equipped to adapt. We learn to think outside the box, so we are better suited to survive in this situation than many people.” (Story by Daniel Gibson)

HANDS IN THE CLAY. One of the nations most celebrated community leaders, Roger Montoya of Moving Arts Española, shares his story with us, and his heart with the kids. (Story by Stephanie Hainsfurther)

BOULDERING ON A ROCK NEAR YOU. Our state is a veritable mecca for bouldering and author/photographer Owen Summerscales puts us on the map.

MY WEEKLY BOUNTY. Kitty Leaken shares a photographers joy at the Santa Fe Farmers Market.

STILL HUNGRY? We honor the farmers and ranchers among us who now, more than ever, show us the way to take care of our health and community through local food, including Chris Bergener and Fiona Lee’s Copper Pot Farms in Taos.

CHEF’S BUZZ. Columnist Lynn Cline shows that our restaurant scene is still hoppin with news, including Chef/Owner Eduardo Rodriguez with a place of his own in Santa Fe, Zacatlán.

ON THE ROAD. Lets all heed the the call from Bruce Springsteen and just

. . . roll down the window and let the wind blow back your hair” with author of Exploring New Mexico, Sharon Niederman who recommends a visit to the Capulin Volcano National Monument, among other spectacular spots.

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All images thanks to Local Flavor