In This Time

Black Lives Matter.

Especially now, in this time!

And through December 26, 2020, Galerie Lakaye, Los Angeles’ premiere gallery of contemporary Haitian art for 30 years, hosts Haitian-American artist Francesca Lalanne in a one-woman exhibition titled Francesca Lalanne: In this Time. Gallery visits are by appointment only. Because so many Taos residents visit and spend part of their time in Los Angeles, we thought we would share this important exhibit.

The exhibition, which includes mixed media paintings and wall sculptures made of engraved oxidized steel sheets and granite elements mounted on wood speak to a Black woman’s perspective on the body as architectural sacred space; the load of loss and mourning of Black bodies brutalized by the police and by a virus which does discriminate when it comes to people of color. 

These beautifully executed works reflect the dynamic resistance of a people who believe that justice might still be attained.

Francesca Lalanne has had several solo exhibitions and has participated in a variety of group exhibitions along with performance and public art installations. In 2015 she was a Joan Mitchell Grant Nominee and invited artist for Khoi International Artist Workshop in Pune, India. Her work has also been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami. She currently lives in Los Angeles.


For one-on-one viewings at the gallery, please contact Carine to make an appointment at

All images thanks to Galerie Lakaye