Closet Cleanout


A capsule wardrobe for working from home.

Fall is the time of year many of us go through our wardrobes to get our clothes ready for the coming cold weather.

If you’re one of the many people who have found themselves unable to physically go to work and need to build a new daily routine that includes working from home, you might find this post particularly useful. 

After years of being a work at home mom, I’ve figured out a few things that make working from home a lot easier. One of which is getting the balance right between being comfortable and yet ready for work.

While it’s tempting to stay in your pajamas, you might find your productivity is less than best. Getting ‘properly’ dressed helps to step into a work mindset and stay there. Having said that, comfort is key. 

A working from home capsule needs to be practical yet comfortable, and take the stress out of deciding what to wear when your home has suddenly become your work.

Despite T-Shirts being super low effort, they can pass for workwear if you pick a neutral color. Find them in black, white, and gray, and worn with a cosy cardi or pullover, you have your top half covered.

For the bottom, unless they are super worn in, jeans can be a bit constricting. Rather look for well made, active leggings and joggers you can pair with the tops you have acquired. For ZOOM meetings, a nice blouse from your previous life should work just fine. Men can choose a crisp shirt and leave the top buttons unbuttoned. You are at home, after all.

Maxi dresses are easy to wear and look great layered with the aforementioned cardi if you need to run out on an errand or two, Men can pair chinos and joggers with their t-shirt and hoodie. Don’t forget to mask up!

A cardigan or sweater you can throw over the top of your outfit is a must. So are socks and comfy shoes. Some find slippers to be a bit too “at home” and in that case, I suggest slides, loafers (or ballet flats for women.)

If you have to leave the house, Birkenstock sandals with or without a pair of chunky socks depending on the weather are good enough to run whatever errands you have. As it gets colder, Uggs and snowboots should be at the ready by the front door. Throw on a warm jacket and you’re done.

For many women, jewelry is the ultimate accessory, the one that completes an outfit, and just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you can’t wear it.  Wearing a pretty necklace, or tiny studs are a good choice for an at-home-but-still-working outfit and make all the difference to how you feel during those video calls. Below is a list of items I consider essential for working from home.

Oversized sweaters and T’s that can be worn over leggings.

Fitted french terry joggers

Knit maxi dresses 

A stylish, warm jacket, a few scarves  (for color AND in case of a forgotten mask), and a hat to throw on if you need to go out.

Capsule items that are mostly black, white, and gray, are so easy to mix and match. And for footwear, slippers and slides work well in the house.  Keep a pair of boots by the door for taking out the trash and going to the mailbox, as well as a pair of sneakers.

I have cleared my entire space to make it function more practically at this time, with me and my kids all at home now, those things that just aren’t serving me, are packed away. But beware of the harsh pandemic edit. Don’t throw away too much. The world will return to a semblance of normal, and you will want to wear those pretty dresses again!

Once you have your capsule wardrobe in place, getting dressed for work (at home) will be a no brainer and you can thank me later.

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