Winter Clothes And PPE

With winter weather’s arrival, taoStyle wondered if scarves and winter gloves could be used as personal protective equipment.

Several Infectious Disease Doctors say winter gloves can help keep your hands warm and clean, but only with correct usage. Adding that a scarf might provide some protection but isn’t as ideal as a mask.

To use gloves as personal protective gear, you must not touch your face after touching surfaces. and winter gloves need to be washed frequently if used as PPE.

“It will afford protection in the sense that you know obviously it’ll keep you warm but when you’re outside the hope is that you wouldn’t touch something and then touch your face, nose, mouth,” said a local expert who wishes to remain anonymous.,“If you touch  a surface and  if the surface is soiled, you make sure that you could wash those gloves.”

He said that wearing gloves is important if someone were to pick up old PPE for disposal.

However, just like with hands, winter gloves also need to be washed after coming into contact with any soiled surfaces.

As for scarves, there are a few reasons why he didn’t recommend wearing one as a mask. Scarves vary in material and they may be too porous for protection, especially wool and cashmere knits. He says especially if you’re indoors, scarves with low filtration will become damp if used as a mask.

“Any face covering that covers the nose, nose, and mouth, obviously, is, is better than nothing.” He recommends wearing a face mask instead, especially while indoors, and advises against the use of gaiters as masks reminding everyone to stay mindful of COVID restrictions for the safety of everyone.

It’s definitely going to be complicated post holiday season, with all of the experts out there saying there will be a spike in cases even more than we see now, just because of the gatherings that happened over Christmas. 

As always, social distance and masking up is recommended while indoors keeping in mind those susceptible to the virus.

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And do be sure to drop off your winter clothes – coats, sweaters, ski gear, as well as the ubiquitous sweatsuits, for a good cleaning every couple of weeks throughout the season, and as long as the pandemic lasts. 

Stay safe and Happy New Year!

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