Summer Solstice Sunrise At Chaco Canyon


All over the planet, Solstice celebrations and ceremonies are taking place at ancient sites considered sacred by the people of those places for millenia

Here in New Mexico, Chaco Canyon carries the same mystique as Stonehenge or the Pyramids at Giza, with the light show created by the sun rise in the Grand Kiva that happens on the Summer and Winter Solstices and to a lesser degree on the Equinoxes.

The Ancients measured time by the sun and the moon and these monuments to their calendar systems remain relevant even now as time moves faster than ever before; these “clocks” keep us in  tune with the Earth and the changing of the Seasons in a far more healthy way than the digital clock on your iphone!


At Chaco Canyon tomorrow morning the first 100 visitors who arrive will be let in the gate to join the Ranger for the sunrise event. The Park’s gate will open at 5am and the sun rises at 6.05am.The sunlight enters a niche inside the Great Kiva at Casa Rinconada to form the alignment at approximately 6.30am.

Throughout the day Native artists and dancers will be at the Park demonstrating their crafts, dancing and participating in ceremonies.


The event is free and for more information you can contact the Chaco Canyon National Historical Park at the email and phone number listed below this post.

Chaco is a Unesco Heritage Site and to discover more about that you can visit them here unesco/chaco

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