Pink V-Day


Celebrating V-Day has become habitual here in Taos where extraordinary (and remarkable) women have long been in the forefront of our community.

We lost a fine one last month; Liz Cunningham, a remarkable woman herself, who coined the phrase and gave it traction, passed on to her Valhalla. She is mourned and missed by all who knew her.

Ever since Eve Ensler’s groundbreaking Vagina Monologues first played in Taos at the TCA almost 20 years ago, V-Day has become a bit of an institution here, and I imagine this year, it will be seen in an entirely new light, coming on the heels of the Me Too Movement and huge Women’s Marches that took place Globally last month.

And yes, we all got the Pink memo.  Pink is the color of this revolution!

But let’s not forget that Pink is also the color we associate with the (predominantly female) epidemic of our times; breast cancer, especially in October when Pink Ribbons are ubiquitous.

This month  Taos Cancer Support Services is doing a small, but important fundraiser to enable them to continue helping people in our community who are battling this disease.

Paint Taos Pink T-Shirts will be for sale all week long at two local businesses (run by women), who have partnered up with Taos Cancer Support Services for this V-Day Fundraiser.

Taos Food CO-OP, who provide our community with local, organically grown produce year round, and Shree Yoga Taos will each have T-Shirts for sale, through the month of February, for only $10.00 each!

Please chip in and wear yours proudly – not only is it a very cool, baseball style T-shirt, thanks to Liz Fox  – but every dollar counts in this very worthy cause.

For more about Taos Cancer Support Services, and all they do, please visit their site linked below.

Holy Cross Cancer Support Services


On Feb 28th (in the Mural Room) at the Old County Courthouse, you can experience a reading of the Vagina Monologues in conjunction with One Billion Rising.



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