Roses Are Red


And at Cid’s, Health And Beauty is Green because in case you hadn’t noticed, Cid’s is not just a food market,

Their longstanding commitment to the health and well-being of our community is also the reason we can buy unique, artisanal skin care products in Taos.

Cheryl Kaladas, (she of the enviable mane of hair), the manager of the HABA Department at Cid’s, says her approach to healthy, glowing skin begins with her belief that health and beauty starts on the inside; nourished by clean food and water, along with needed supplements.

Cheryl walks her talk and after losing her husband to cancer a few years ago, she is even more committed to educating people about the dangers lurking in commercial Health and Beauty Aids, and guiding them instead, to use cruelty free, additive free products to enhance their well being.

The HABA Department at Cid’s is stocked with everything you could possibly need in regards to self care. From bath and body (inside and out), to your face, Cheryl and her fab team, have you covered.

I thought since I was going to be hanging out in their Department tomorrow, doing a demo for Toni Leigh’s new Oshara line, I’d pop a few questions to Cheryl in anticipation.

1) Please tell my readers a little about your background, and how long you’ve been managing the HABA deptartment at Cids?

I am trained as Graphic Designer but I have worked in health food stores for the last 30 years. I love being at the forefront of the Natural Foods Industry and I found making Rice Dream sales signs with my box of markers more fun than producing magazines! Like most people I had some minor health issues at a youngish age so I taught myself holistic nutrition by reading everything I could get my hands on. My first job in a health food store was at a small mom and pop health food store in Pennsylvania for many years whose owner was the president of the East Coast’s Organic Farming Association, so we had many educational, interesting and fun conversations about organic food, which my diet mostly consists of. I think organic farming is very important for many reasons! I have been managing the HABA department at Cid’s for about 6 years now.

2)This Valentine’s Day, your department is sure to really shine – being as it is, chock full of products perfect for the holiday – what specials are you offering?

We have our fun and cute heart-shaped BodyLish ‘I heart You’ and ‘I Like You’ bath bombs on sale for $3.99 each, Desert Blends face care products will be ½ price 2/12 – 2/17 or while supplies last. We also have a fun new line of bath products from Enfusia, a woman owned company out of Texas: including their Love Potion#9 bath bombs and most items from their ‘Let’s Get Naked’ line. All that talk about love potions makes me wonder whether they actually work or not. I mean who doesn’t like the idea of making a spell that can attract you to the love of your life? I’m not going to lie, I’m very tempted to try it myself, but I think I’ll just stick to the Love Potion#9 bath bomb for now. We are very excited to have Bison Star Naturals soaps back again: Buddha’s and hearts – just in time for Valentines Day!

3)You carry a variety of skin care products – both high-end and on the more affordable side – please tell us your criteria for including all of them on Cid’s shelves.

Cruelty fee and no GMO’s goes without saying. Of course we love to support local companies here at Cid’s and at last count I have 25+ in the department alone! We always look for quality, organic & natural ingredients and orangutan-free palm oils. A number of companies are giving back to the environment or socially through Vitamin Angles, supporting women in business and/or women’s social issues. We also look for B Corp companies! This is not a criteria but a very nice added bonus to be able to help support these issues and causes. We are working on having the HABA department’s products rated by How Good for the customer’s convenience. Cid’s Food Market will be the first ever nation-wide HABA department to offer this service!

4)Tomorrow, I’ll be at the HABA department at Cid’s, doing a demo of Toni Leigh’s new dbTaos/Oshara line – can you tell taoStyle readers a little about your long relationship (at Cid’s), with Toni and her products?

It’s always been fun working with Toni. She has great products that are made for our desert skin here in Taos! It’s imperative to offer such unique and quality products to the residents of the high desert! Toni is always willing to try new things and offer sales and demos! I love her new label design!

For more on the HABA Department at Cid’s Food Market in Taos, please visit their site linked below.


Photographs of Cheryl at play, thanks to Cheryl.

Other images (Cheryl at work) and roses, thanks to Joshua Cunningham at Cid’s

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  1. I love Cheryl! She has always been a great supporter of Desert Blends and hung in there with me through my transition. She is always so kind too and very knowledgeable. Her staff equally so. Cid should be proud! Thank you Cheryl, Lynne and Cid! You rock!

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