The Cellar Turns Two!

There’s a lot going on in Taos this weekend.

The Lilac Festival starts off our summer season and the entire town is fragrant with the heavy blossoms dripping off their boughs. The winter snows and spring run off have bestowed upon us a bounty of lilacs rarely seen in recent years, and most definitely worthy of their own festival!

Dennis Hopper Days kick off this evening with a 50th Anniversary Screening of his Cult Classic, Easy Rider at the TCA.

The Martinez Hacienda is hosting a special event for the whole family, storytelling and more!

And also this weekend, The Cellar celebrates its 2nd Anniversary! What better time to enjoy a special tasting event, and toast the great guys and gals who have made shopping for beer, wine and spirits in Taos, a pleasurable and informative experience!

When Lee and Angelica Backer opened the Cellar, they hoped that the community would be supportive.

They had spent years researching and developing the project with Cid and Betty Backer, before breaking ground on the building behind Cid’s.

‘We saw a niche in our community,” Angelica told me at the time. “And we went for it.”

“We wanted to bring something to Taos that didn’t exist,” Lee said then. “Something new and exciting.”

“Taos has plenty in the way of supermarkets – Walgreens and Walmart – Big Box stores, that sell alcohol,” he continued, “but nothing as far as a shop offering truly unique products.”

I wondered if the larger grocery stores including alcohol on their shelves (along with food and other household goods), had been a factor in opening The Cellar.

“Yes and no.” Lee replied. “We are not in competition with those stores, but sure, we wanted to offer a one stop shop for people who enjoy a glass of wine with their meal.”

He pointed out that because it is in a separate environment, a lot of people who shop at Cid’s and don’t appreciate a liquor store in proximity, would not be offended, but for those who do, “It definitely complements the food we sell and it’s certainly a convenience we are happy to provide.”

Since then the Cellar has gone on to win the coveted Best Of Taos award and continues to delight wine and beer aficionados with its truly great and hard to find, selections of both.

Lots more has changed since the Cellar first opened their doors; Lee and Angelica have welcomed a new addition to their family. Baby Levi keeps Mom home more these days, although from time to time, she can still be sighted in her office, on the computer.

Now wine connoisseur (Kevin) Hunter (formerly of Parcht), is in the house along with Paul Greenhaw, Dave Skarlz, Charles Baston and Audra, and you couldn’t ask for a more friendly, helpful and knowledgeable crew!

This Saturday (tomorrow), from 2-6pm, the Cellar has invited some of its favourite wine distributors to pour a few different offerings. As always a few select wines from the tasting will be discounted.

What would summer be without a nice cold brew? Of course there’ll be beer to taste too!

The 2nd Anniversary tasting will be “mellow and low key,” Hunter told me when I dropped by.

Maybe so, but certainly worth dropping in to try out the two brews (from New Belgian and Marble Brewing), and assorted wines being poured.

Don’t forget your ID!

For more information, please visit the site linked below this post.

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All photographs thanks to Media Man and the Cellar