Snow On The Mountain

And more on the way!

Taos Ski Valley is booming. With a 62″ base and 79″ of snowfall so far, things are looking good for the Ski Season, and with the new Blake Hotel ready to open (and taking bookings for Feb 1st) the excitement on the Mountain is palpable.

Taos Ski Valley is a two-hour drive north from Santa Fe, and  is harder to get to, smaller, and much more rustic and authentic, than the larger ski resorts of neighboring Colorado. Founded by Ernie Blake, it has a distinctly European vibe, thanks to his years growing up in Germany, and skiing in Austria and Switzerland. Taos also boasts world-class skiing with a steep mountain of unique character and the new additions to the Village are providing more comfort and Apres-Ski activities than ever before.

The resort was purchased in 2013 by hedge funder and Conservationist, Louis Moore Bacon, who once bought a private Island near the Hamptons, restored its eco-system, and used it as a pheasant-hunting getaway. His investments in Taos are especially apparent in The Blake, an 80-room luxury Boutique hotel due to open at the base. For more information about Louis Bacon please visit his site linked below this post. He also blogs frequently so do check out his blog (on the site), as well.

For most of the serious skiers who come to Taos, it has always been more about the Mountain than the Village. Sure a drink and meal on the Bavarian (or St. Bernard’s) patio is a tradition at this point, but mainly they come for the runs and the challenging terrain. Kachina Peak at 12,481 feet, is an expert skier’s dream, with runs heading off in numerous, treeless directions.

Until a little over a year ago, reaching the peak required a strenuous half hour hike across a ridge, but in 2014, a lift opened to the top of it. Black Diamonds aside, there are less challenging runs for the not so intrepid types; weekend skiers who just want a bit of fun and a day in the clear mountain air.

If you’re not looking for luxury but still want to be comfortable there are plenty options beside the Blake.

For more information on Taos Ski Valley, do visit their (new and improved) site linked below this post, and be sure to come down the Mountain to explore Taos itself when you visit! 




Photograph of Kachina Peak taken yesterday by Derek Hart