Shree Yoga Embraces The Change Of Season


The theme for October is Quietude.   

Liz Fox, Shree Yoga Taos’ Studio Manager told me as we sat in the Indian Summer sun, outside El Gamal.

Liz had just come from teaching a class and I was on my way from, and to, another meeting.

“The last few weeks in Taos have been so intense.” Liz said as we waited for our order to arrive. “Two massively impactful deaths threw everyone into a tailspin…” She paused. “Even someone like me was affected,” she explained, “I did not know ether person,  just know folks who did know them both, not to mention just the shock of both situations.”

“Because Shree is a community Yoga Studio, and our community effects how we do things,” she continued, “we hope to bring a positive and healing message out to the greater community, because Yoga is not just a physical practice, but also includes all realms of our selves, emotional, spiritual, etc., working in harmony.“

“A good practice can help us to adapt to changes, to find our own balance and center amongst the winds of change in our lives “

I met Liz in 2016, soon after being diagnosed with late stage lymphoma. She together with Jason Pfiefer ran the Holy Cross Cancer Support Group and Services at the time. Their encouragement and incredible support, along with resources they were able to provide, enabled me to get on with the business of healing without added anxiety. 

“You should try yoga.” She’d suggested to me back then during a support group meeting,  after I reported that my doctor had banned me from swimming in public pools. It would be two years before I did. She was right.

Although the CSS continues to be run smoothly by Susan Strong (see yesterday’s post), the Support Group has split into two; one (run by Christine Sherwood),still held at their Sipapu office, another bi-monthly group located elsewhere in town, remains home to long time survivors who preferred the style of Jason’s group to the current one.

“The more the merrier.” Susan said when I brought up the subject with her a few days ago. “Change is inevitable.”

And that seems to be the sentiment at Shree as well.

“This month, we are focusing on restorative and regenerative practices, to help us ground, not only with changes at the studio, but in the seasons, and the community.” Said Liz.

“There are restorative classes Wednesday and Sunday evenings, and in particular, Slow Jams is a class designed to move energy through the body, and finishes with a half hour of restorative practice, to help that energy move out.  A great way to work through stress, grief and disappointment!”

“Change is a constant.” Liz smiled.  “ And that said, there are usually changes at Shree each quarter, as our schedule adjusts on the Equinoxes and the Solstices.” Which also happens to be when Suki, Genevieve and I do our seasonal Feng Shui purifying of the space and puja!

Changes at Shree thankfully seem to take on a more positive note: The Chair Yoga class is now amusingly renamed Not Over the Hill.  This is a class for older students and/or people dealing with chronic injury who want a smaller, more intimate class, perhaps working up  to a bigger class or simply for the slower pace. The class begins on the mat, moves to a chair, includes some standing poses, using a chair for support as needed, and then goes back to seated, and finishes on the floor again.  

Working on maintaining skills as we age, including balance, flexibility, and strength. Thursdays 1:30-2:30. The class is taught by Liz.

Some changes are afoot in the teaching department too! Adding to Shree’s great roster of Yoga Instructors including Liz and Sonya Luz, are two new faces and one familiar, returning face

Liz Passman is back at Shree! Liz has been practicing yoga since 2003 and teaching since 2010. Liz first studied children’s yoga and began teaching preschoolers in 2009. Then she went on to complete a 230-hour teacher training with Stephanie Keach at the Asheville Yoga Center in 2010. In 2012, Liz completed another 100 hours of training in the Anusara method with Bea Doyle at Bhava in Albuquerque. Liz taught varying styles of yoga at Shree from 2010-2015 including vinyasa, gentle-restorative, kid’s yoga, and prenatal. She returns to the studio after taking some time off to go to graduate school and start a family. 

Claire Galactica is teaching Morning Yoga, Yoga Hour. Claire began her yoga practice 10 years ago in Los Angeles with Bryan Kest at Santa Monica Power Yoga. At the time she was studying dance in San Francisco, where she eventually graduated with her BA in Performing Arts & Social Justice from the University of San Francisco. Over the last decade, she taught in various communities on the west coast, including dance studios, elementary schools, and county jails. Eventually her practice led her to the teachings of Bhakti Yoga. She completed her 200 hour teacher training with Govindas at Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica, CA. She  completed a 50-hour kirtan training with Govindas, which deepened her understanding of the Bhakti lineage through the art of sacred song & mantra. As a result, she shares a soul-centered Bhakti practice which along with her background in dance gives her a deep understanding of physical alignment that she brings into her classes. You can read more about Claire in the Shree Yoga link below this post.

Phoebe Elliot (Level I/II, Level II), says she is blessed to not remember a time when yoga was not a part of her life.

Like Shree co-founder Suki Dalury, Phoebe’s mother was a yogi.

Phoebe became a serious practitioner in her late teens as she sought relief from Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and GI issues. She attributes not only the physical practice, but also the emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga in helping her heal. While studying at CU Boulder, she frequented the Yoga Workshop taking classes with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor. After graduation, she traveled to Thailand to complete an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training in 2009 with Paul Dallaghan. From there she spent time in India studying at the Ashtanga Yoga Bali Research Center. Phoebe completed an Anusara Yoga Immersion and teacher training during 2012-2013 with Robyn Smith and Patrick Harestad. Working with the subtle energies and meditation led her to complete a teacher training in Kundalini Yoga. She enjoys teaching a range of styles and abilities. Her light-hearted teaching style emphasizes moving with the breath, raising your vibration, cultivating feelings of self-love and acceptance, and above all healing. 

Phoebe splits her time between Taos, New Mexico and Mt. Desert Island, Maine. She teaches yoga retreats internationally.  She is also a certified herbalist. To discover more about the very accomplished Phoebe, please visit her site

Clearly Shree Yoga Taos continues to uphold its tradition of being the “only dedicated Yoga Studio in Taos,” as my daughter Genevieve (co-founder of Shree with Suki Dalury), likes to say.

Speaking of Genevieve, she’s on a temporary hiatus from teaching, while she gets her new business, Clean, up and running! Meanwhile you can check the schedule below to see who is teaching her classes for now, or for a change of pace, try someone and something, new!

Here are the changes you can look forward to:  

Monday: no changes!

Tuesday: 5:30 Level 2, Sonya

Wednesday: 7:30 Morning Yoga, Hollie

                   9:30 Level 1/2 Phoebe

                   Noon Yoga Hour, Claire

Thursday: Noon Yoga Hour, Suki

Friday: 7:30 Morning Yoga, Adi

Saturday: 9:30 Level 2, Phoebe

                   Noon Level 1, Liz P

Sunday: 9:30 Level 1/2, Liz Fox

                 Noon Yoga Hour, Roxy

Detailed schedule of ALL classes, linked below.

For much more on Shree Yoga Taos and their fabulous instructors, old and new, please visit their site linked below.




All photos thanks to Shree Yoga Taos and Bill Curry


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