Cannabis And COVID -19

People have been experiencing increased fear, stress, anxiety and lack of sleep.

When you’re stressed out or anxious, one of the most common things to be negatively affected is your sleep. Whether this means strange, vivid dreams, a shift in your sleep schedule or sudden insomnia, your quality of sleep has likely been affected by the pandemic.

In recent weeks, the internet and other news outlets have reported a spike in strange dreams and people who can’t settle down to sleep for their usual eight hours. Psychologists think that fears and anxiety triggered by the coronavirus will have an impact on our quality of sleep.

Cannabis and sleep have a strong connection, particularly strains like this bc kush available here, or products that have a higher level of THC.

We know pot can help us sleep but can it help us prevent or cure COVID-19? Not only cannabis users all over the world, but even non-cannabis users will be praying this is true as no one can disregard the devastation this virus has caused over the past few years. Surely, any cure will be accepted with open arms, whether it be using delta 8 gummies or some other genius creation!

Preliminary research emerging from Canada indicates that certain strains of cannabis may increase resistance to the coronavirus. If the study can be verified, it would appear that cannabis works in a similar way to nicotine.

“The results on COVID-19 came from our studies on arthritis, Crohn’s disease, cancer, and others,” said Dr. Igor Kovalchuck, a professor of Biological Sciences. As with the current research into nicotine’s effect on the coronavirus, it is thought that perhaps some strains of cannabis reduce the virus’ ability to enter the lungs.

All that aside, for the second month in a row, New Mexicans have found a way to cope with the stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic. They purchased legal cannabis in record numbers in April and March. Sales of cannabis were almost double compared to the same time last year. Products like CBD oil from manufacturers such as Taylor Mammon are also proving popular amongst those looking to give a boost to their overall wellness. Amidst all this, there might be chances of businesses that might want to start selling CBD and its products. Situations like this would need a calm determination and careful planning from all sectors such as payment gateways and solutions (like, business documents, CBD products supplier, etc. With the pandemic hampering the daily lives of people and their mental disorders, maybe these businesses might prove beneficial to them.

During a press conference last week, Gov. Lujan – Grisham was asked what her plan is to address the financial uncertainty that’s emerged amid the COVID pandemic. She said recovery efforts will largely involve coordination with oil and gas companies that account for a sizable share of the state budget, but she also regretted that legislators were unable to approve cannabis legalization, which would’ve represented another source of income for the state.

“If there was ever a time for wishful thinking, I wish we had passed recreational cannabis because that would be $100 million” in tax revenue,” the governor said, though she also acknowledged that the estimate was made “before COVID-19.”

There’s no doubt cannabis can help us get through this crisis, and if you have a medical marijuana card you are in luck. And if you don’t – well Southwest Wellness can help you get one!

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