Take Time Out

One day can change your whole life.

Global Wellness Day June 13, 2020, is coming in a few days and brings awareness to wholeness and can set you on a journey of self-discovery. The solution to wellness is in your hands. One can ignite the flame of happiness, together with healthy eating, exercise, spiritual reflection, and taking time out to do nothing. I can allow the source of the Universe to do it’s work in the empty space that I provide. Productivity by stopping. It is by not doing more work but taking time in nature and building our relationships, looking into the eyes of our loved ones, that one can get inspired and discover one’s true happiness.

During this pandemic we have learned by taking a time out, it can provide replenishment, a new perspective, and nourishment of our mind, body, and spirit. A sabbath or sabbatical concept is not just for Sundays but a way of life. We can naturally realign with our rhythms when we nourish the body with healthy food and exercise. Reflecting on one’s purpose and spiritual thoughts will fill the chalice cup full and give us meaning and happiness in our life.

Isn’t that what we are all searching for? Happiness? The most common disease throughout the world is depression otherwise defined as unhappiness. It is the virus among us. Most of us have had sequestered time out with the pandemic these past months. We have been given a chance to slow down and re-examine our lives. Some of us have had to face terminations at the workplace, an opportunity to reinvent and recreate our lives. When we surrender to an unsurmountable problem and do nothing, we create space for an inspired thought to come in and give us a new direction. We can be more authentic to our true nature. Then we can take action with a purpose and with certainty.

Let’s not go back. Commit to Take Time Out. Develop a personal and loving relationship with yourself. Allow yourself to love and be loved, dedicate time in nature, get a routine for good self-care. Happiness will be the outcome.

One routine I can suggest is to pamper yourself with a spa at home Oshara Face Care regimen by Desert Blends, to improve and nourish your skin. Organic 100% plant-based formulas, we have 4 simple daily steps for healthy vibrant glowing skin. Often people ask in what order. Where here it is!

  1. Face Wash – leaves you feeling refreshed and clean! I mean really clean, not like the sticky film residue soap leaves on your skin. It wakes up your skin! While nourishes with 7 + botanicals of antioxidants and minerals. A little dab, apply in a circular motion and rinse. Feel that! Whoa!
  2. Face Toner – The main ingredient is Rose geranium that has high vitamin C to restore and tighten pores. Heals most skin problems of acne and rosacea and anti-aging. Mist and leave on.
  3. Face Serum – This is an eye serum but I have had so many testimonies from customers that it healed their rosacea so I changed the name to Face Serum. Apply on face, under eyes, and as a neck dé colle té. I love the texture too, so smooth on your skin. High in antioxidants/minerals. If you’re after serums, cleansers, eyelift, and other products to give your skin a healthy glow and youthful appearance, you may want to think about trying products like those from dr aspect that are rich in vitamins and antioxidants to do away with the signs of aging and dry skin.
  4. Face Cream – made with shea butter that is highly moisturizing but not heavy! It offers sun protection too! High in Vitamin C that will give vitality to your dry skin in the high desert.

When you feel good you look good! We’ve seen those people who have a sparkle in their eye and seem to create magic in their lives and most of all seem happy. I think we can do that and be that. How? Take Time Out.

Oshara by Desert Blends sold exclusively at Cid’s with a discounted price for our locals.

This is a guest post from Toni Leigh, owner, chief formulator for Oshara/Desert Blends of Taos


All images thanks to Desert Blends of Taos