All You Need Is Love

And a little pampering at Salon X for Valentine’s Day.

I was getting a tiny trim the other day from Delta, who had just returned from a week in the Florida sun with her hubby and his kids.

I was excited to hear about her time away and what she and her family got up to. She told me that they had already been looking at renting one of the many beautiful grand cayman villas since returning from Florida. This made me eager to book my own vacation soon, as I wanted to look and feel like she did. She was tanned, rested and looked great – no-one would have guessed the stress she was under after returning to an ongoing drama in the workplace. A little time and distance had given her the clarity needed to clear the decks.

Being the pro she is, it was fixed in a New York Minute and she got on with the job of doing the best hair in town. I cannot tell you how many compliments I got on my haircut while in NYC.

After she trimmed my hair, she showed me some shots she had taken on her vacation – I was so impressed with them, I asked her to shoot the images for this story (and all the others about Salon X to follow). She did and here they are.

Artsy, stylish and edgy; exactly like her cuts.

I also learned that starting today, Friday, there’s a $20.00 Valentine’s Blowout special till next Friday.

A shampoo and expertly styled hair sounds like a winner to me – especially if Michael is at the shampoo bowl ready to treat you to an amazing head massage – but wait, there’s even more…

Suzanne Mitchell is offering a Mini Makeup Make-over all this week as well, so that you can be your most beautiful self for the one you love.

Or the one you want to be loved by.

To really get your glow on, book an appointment with Tianna for a facial before your makeover with Suzanne, for the ultimate in Self Spoiling. I’m down for all that!

For more info on these great little bonus perks – Valentines to you from Salon X – click on their site linked below the post.


All Photographs by Delta Cosette Bayer