Get The Led Out With Liz

It’s October!

And as we get ready to Paint Taos Pink, in solidarity with everyone fighting Breast Cancer or doing battle with any type of Cancer for that matter, Liz Fox is planning to Rock Shree Yoga Taos, to benefit Holy Cross Taos, Cancer Support Services.

This is a guest post from Liz Fox.

It is a minor controversy in yoga, whether or not to use music in class.  The traditional forms, Ashtangha and Iyengar, would never use music, but many newer forms either accept music, or encourage it.  In a Vinyasa class, a flowing constantly moving form of yoga, you would expect an energetic playlist.

We grew up with music.  We all remember the first time we heard the Beatles, at least, those of us over a certain age.  But really, anyone alive in this country now, grew up with the latest songs, the culture around music, and music changed our lives, our politics, how we think.  Music makes us move, feel, think. We LOVE our music!

I teach with music.  Music gets into our bodies, and since ‘Yoga’ means ‘Yoke,’ or join, what could be more helpful than music that gets right into our bodies and encourages us to move?   A well-organized playlist can take my students to an inward introspection, to reaching, stretching, organs functioning, energetic action, down to cooling off and eventually, a deep rest.  

This class will not be that thoughtful.  Mostly, we are going to enjoy our classic Led Zeppelin favorites, as we move through a slowly flowing class with a lot of hip openers and heart openers, then cool down and eventually rest deeply.  It might get loud. We will giggle.

I have always loved Led Zeppelin.  I grew up with this music. I work it into some of my playlists, just a little surprise here and there.  Once, after such a class, John Biscello laughed and suggested doing a class called “Get the Led Out With Liz.”  We giggled, and I kept the idea on the back of my mind..

It is all about raising money for Cancer Support Services.  CSS is a local organization that provides much-needed assistance to folks and their families who are dealing with cancer.  Gas cards to get to appointments, housing in ABQ for extended stays, fitness instruction to help them get back on their feet after treatment, yoga, massage, help with housework, and many other services that insurance does not come close to addressing. October is Paint Taos Pink month, and this is one of many such events that will help CSS this month.

Thanks Liz! Seems like the perfect opportunity for a little Physical Graffiti!

For  more information on this class (and Shree Yoga), plus all the other events CSS have planned throughout the month of October, please visit the sites linked below this post.



I took the shots of Liz (wearing Roxie Rudolf leggings) getting into the groove at Shree Yoga Taos on my iphone.

Image of vinyl, thanks to Led Zep!