Think Pink For The Cure

Pink has long been synonymous with baby girls.

Nowadays the colour has new connotations, including its association with a certain generation; Millennial Pink.

Pink has also been connected to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, ever since women began wearing Pink Ribbons in solidarity with their sisters, stricken by the disease.

Designers and makeup artists have always known how a flush of Pink lights up a woman’s face like a votive. Make up in general can help a woman who is feeling not so great about herself, feel better in the twinkling of an eye.

When I felt blue, my grandmother would tell me to put on some lipstick and get outside. I took her advice to heart after my own confrontation with my mortality, thanks to this malaise of Civilization!

These Iconic beauties (dressed in Pink) all knew/know the power of makeup and have used it to their advantage.

Makeup has been seen by women as a cure-all forever and somethings never change; its powers of transformation remain as steadfast as ever, and all women know a new lipstick changes everything!

For women struggling to regain a sense of confidence while adjusting to their “new normal”, after Chemo and Radiation treatment, a bag of maquillage along with a few tricks of the trade, is a gift they’ll treasure and appreciate!

So this fabulous  “Special Session – Look Good…..Feel Better” for October – Breast Cancer Awareness and Paint Taos Pink Month, offered by CSS is part of  a free program that teaches beauty techniques to women undergoing Cancer treatment.

Trained volunteer beauty professionals (in this case, Linda from Spirits of Beauty),  teach women how to cope with skin changes, using skin care products and make-up. The workshop includes tips for tying scarves and styling wigs at no charge.  

All women who have experienced Cancer can attend. This session will be held on October 25, 2018  1:30PM to 3:PM at Holy Cross Community Outreach in Taos. (413 Sipapu Street.)

RSVP is required so please call 1-800-227-2345 to reserve your space (and goody bag!)

Taos Cancer Support Services offer so much to people in our community who are battling the disease in all of its manifestations; from home care to massage and food coupons, Cancer patients are eligible for all sorts of aid from CSS. But few are as helpful or important as the Cancer Support Group offered by CSS ever Tuesday from 4:PM to 5:30 PM.

Initiated by Jason Pfeifer and now facilitated by Christine Sherwood (author of Fire & Ash), the group is ever-changing and evolving, but continues to help individuals process their own journey with Cancer.

CSS explains that “ a support group involves a small number of people who come together in person, to share feelings and exchange information with people who have had similar experiences. The purpose of the support group is to provide a safe place where people affected by cancer can support each other, develop friendships, share ideas and thoughts, gain information from each other, and learn coping skills in a non-judgmental and caring atmosphere.

Christine’s own experience with Cancer, along with many years spent facilitating retreats for Cancer survivors, gives her all the tools needed to navigate these often stormy waters. A sense of safety is prevalent in these sessions. I’ve included a link to Christine’s site below this post.

Tuesday’s Support Group is also held at 413 Sipapu Street, Taos, NM.  

Tomorrow night, Thursday, October 18 from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. A benefit for Taos Cancer Support Services,a program of Holy Cross Hospital (with a Silent Auction),  will be held at the Bareiss Gallery.

Over 125 items including art, crafts, and gift certificates from Taos artists, galleries, and restaurants have been donated.

A $10 donation enables you to enjoy snacks by Chef Matt of Holy Cross Hospital, a glass of wine, and a chance to participate in the silent auction.

And don’t forget a percentage of the Pink Drinks being served around town (including El Monte Sagrado and the Taos Inn) throughout October, all goes to benefit the cause!


For more about all of these (and other ongoing events), please visit the site linked below, or call CSS at 575-751-8927




I thought these iconic (Stock Files), of Lady Gaga, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Kirsten Dunst (as Marie Antoinette), made all of them perfect Poster Girls for the Cure!

4 thoughts on “Think Pink For The Cure

  1. I love that Taos is offering this to the community. I lost my dearest friend to breast cancer and part of the sadness that had gripped her throughout her long struggle with cancer was having to adjust to losing both her breasts, all of her hair and the pain of rubbing lotion on her skin. Her husband was empowering and beautiful to her,but she always felt that he was getting a beat up package, until her support group of survivors encouraged her to seek out wigs and tattoo artists that could re-create her aureola, etc. She didn’t beat cancer but she overcame her lack of confidence in stepping outside her home and managed to travel with her husband and enjoy the few years she did live after her diagnosis. There is so much beauty in offering this form of empowerment to those living with cancer.

    • Thanks Odette for reading and commenting. such a sweet story you shared about your friend, and I’m happy she had a few good years! Women know that when we look good we feel good and that in itself motivates us to do more. We have all been touched by this dis-ease, one way or another and here in Taos, we are so lucky to have CSS!

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